High School Culinary Mentoring

High School Culinary Mentoring

Chef Ronnie Nasuti demonstrates

 Tiki's Executive Chef Ronnie Nasuti taught an HCEF class at Pearl City High School.  Twenty-five culinary students learned about Sous Vide and the professionalism required to be a chef. 

Chef Nasuti prepared Furikake Salmon with Poached Egg and Beet Butter demonstrating the immersion circulator and vacuum sealer. 

Shawn Kimball, Pearl City Culinary Instructor, said that the class opened the students eyes to what it takes to be a chef and to techniques used in the professional kitchen.  As a chef instructor, it was a learning experience for me, too. 

 The students will visit Tiki's in the Spring semester as a part of the culinary mentoring program.

 Twenty-three high schools (Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii Island) are paired with chefs as a part of the HCEF culinary mentoring program. 

The Hawaii Culinary Education Foundation provides Hawaii's culinary students and professionals access to cutting-edge knowledge and techniques through programs featuring visiting chefs, educational opportunities, and special fundraising events.

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Hayley Matson-Mathes 

Hawaii Culinary Education Foundation