Challenging Real-World Scenario in the "Carrington Event" May Semi-Annual Drill at EmComm Training Organization - KH6ML

In this year's May Semi-Annual Drill, titled "Carrington Event," our team at EmComm Training Organization faced significant real-world challenges that tested the adaptability of our Amateur Radio Operators and communication technologies. Originally designed to assess the impact of geomagnetic storms on high-frequency radio communications, the scenario quickly reflected actual solar activities that globally disrupted communications.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center reported an X-class solar flare, which severely hindered our ability to establish HF radio contact from Hawaii to the US Mainland. It was only after dark, when the solar geomagnetic storms subsided, that successful message transmission was possible. This experience highlighted the immediate and disruptive impacts of solar events.

Purpose of the Drill: Produce a Winlink ICS 309 Form: Documenting successful message passing across various bands, session modes, and distances to RMS Gateways.

Understand Geomagnetic Storm Impacts: Gain insights into the potential effects of geomagnetic storms on the electrical grid.
Leverage NOAA Expertise: Utilize reporting and capabilities from the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center to inform our strategies.
System Recognition: Identify the three independent U.S. managed AC power interconnect systems.
Communication Testing: Send up to nine standard Winlink Check-in messages to ETO-DRILL, testing our communication reach and reliability.

Effects of Geomagnetic Storms:

Power Grids: Induction of currents that can lead to transformer failures and widespread power outages.
Satellite Communications: Potential damage to electronics and disruptions in signal transmission.
Navigation Systems: GPS accuracy interference.
Radio Communications: Disruptions across HF, VHF, and UHF bands, crucial for emergency communications.
This drill-turned-real scenario tested our readiness and emphasized the critical role of emergency communication systems like Winlink, which allow for message passing across various bands and distances. Our efforts to maintain connectivity exemplify the resilience and necessity of well-prepared communication networks in the face of nature's unpredictability.

For more details on the exercise and results, visit the EmComm Training Organization’s full drill overview: EmComm Training Organization Drill Overview.

My 2024 CQ World Wide WPX Contest Results!

This March, I participated in the intense and exhilarating CQ World Wide WPX Contest, where I took 4th place in Hawaii and ranked 87th across Oceania. Competing in one of the world's largest "everyone-works-everyone" radio contests was an absolute thrill!

The WPX contests are renowned for their global participation, attracting amateurs of all skill levels—from beginners to world champions. The objective is clear: contact as many amateurs and collect as many unique callsign prefixes as possible. With thousands of unique callsign prefixes from hundreds of DX entities, the contest is a rich hunting ground for those, like myself, who are chasing the coveted CQ WPX Awards Program endorsements.

During the contest, contacts between stations on different continents but in the same country score differently based on the band, adding a strategic layer to the already challenging environment. Special event and commemorative stations with unique prefixes also join the fray, adding to the contest's dynamic nature.

This year’s participation not only tested my abilities but also deepened my appreciation for the vibrant and diverse amateur radio community worldwide. I’m already looking forward to next year’s contest, aiming even higher!

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Island Boy in the Dessert! POTA Coconino National Forest, Sedona, AZ

This is  KH6ML, and I’m excited to share a detailed recount of my recent amateur radio activation from the picturesque Coconino National Forest in Sedona, Arizona. This trip wasn’t just another entry in my logbook; it was a testament to the spirit of adventure that amateur radio stokes in all of us, coupled with a dash of technical challenge and a whole lot of natural beauty.

Preparation and Setup: Armed with my QRP FX-4C transceiver and a Chameleon antenna, I ventured into the Coconino National Forest, determined to make the most of the conditions. My setup was lightweight yet powerful—ideal for the POTA (Parks on the Air) activation I had planned. Operating on a modest 20 watts, I hoped to reach as far as possible from this unique and remote location.

It’s always thrilling to send out that first CQ and await the replies from the ether.

Contacts and Highlights: The response was better than I had hoped. I managed to establish QSOs with fellow hams in eleven different U.S. states—ranging from nearby Arizona to as far as Massachusetts and Florida. Each contact added a layer of joy and achievement to the day. But the surprises didn’t stop at U.S. borders; I also reached operators in France and Spain, adding an international flavor to the adventure. These contacts were particularly special, reminding me of the incredible reach and connecting power of amateur radio.

Challenges and Learnings: Every outdoor activation brings its set of challenges. From ensuring all equipment is functioning correctly to managing power resources—each aspect needs careful attention. Moreover, verifying the logging details against POTA guidelines to ensure every contact was valid added another layer of diligence to the task.

Reflections: Looking back, the day spent in Coconino was more than just successful—it was a profound reminder of why I pursue this hobby. It’s not just about logging contacts; it’s about embracing the unknown, solving problems on the fly, and connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who share this passion. The serene and majestic backdrop of the Coconino National Forest only magnified the experience, grounding it in the calm and beauty of nature.

Stay tuned for more tales from the field as I continue to explore, connect, and activate from new and exciting locations. Until next time, 73!

Inbox Over Airwaves: KH6ML's Radio Email Explorations

As I sit here on the windward side of Oahu, with the gentle breeze whispering through the trees, pre-dawn hours hold a special kind of magic for a ham radio enthusiast like myself, known to the Amateur Radio world as KH6ML. 

Armed with my trusty IC-7300 transceiver and a simple wire antenna, I prepare to embark on a journey through the airwaves. My goal? To reach out to fellow enthusiasts across six different states in the U.S. and even extend a friendly signal across the border to British Columbia, Canada, all before the sun climbs high into the sky.

To connect with fellow enthusiasts, I leverage Email Gateways, which function seamlessly with or without the internet. This capability proves invaluable, especially in areas where internet access may be unreliable or temporarily disrupted. In such instances, my station can store and forward messages, ensuring that communication persists even when internet connectivity is restored. This reliability is paramount, particularly in remote locations like the windward shores of Kaneohe, Oahu, where the unpredictability of network connections can pose challenges. By incorporating Email Gateways into my setup, I ensure that I can stay connected and maintain communication, regardless of external circumstances.

As I power up my equipment and tune in to the HF 20m band, I can't help but marvel at the technology at my fingertips. The IC-7300's digital signal processing capabilities ensure that my transmissions are crisp and clear, while the G5RV Jr antenna efficiently radiates my signals into the atmosphere. And with Winlink by my side, I know that I have the tools I need to seamlessly blend traditional ham radio practices with modern communication technologies.

To see a live map interactive map 

I send my first signal out into the ether, a beacon of connectivity reaching across the Pacific Ocean. The responses come swiftly, as fellow enthusiasts in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Nevada eagerly pick up my signal. Each exchange is a reminder of the power connection, transcending geographical boundaries and time zones   —the sense of camaraderie, the spirit of exploration, and the sheer joy of making connections.

Gerard Reversade and Gerards Restaurant – Lahaina, HI

Gerard Reversade and Gerards Restaurant – Lahaina, HI

Chef Biography

For the past 25 years, Chef Gerard Reversade has been recognized as one of the leading chefs in the State of Hawaii.

Born in the Gascony region of France, where great food has flourished for centuries, Chef Gerard comes  from a long line of inn keepers, wine barrel makers and great chefs.  He was cooking by the age of 10, and by the time he was 12, he was baking croissants from scratch.  At the age of 14, he began a four-year apprenticeship, working 15 hour days under four of France’s Master Chefs, to include Robert and Pierre Laporte from the famous Cafe de Paris in Biarritz (Frank Sinatra’s playground).  Chef Gerard came to Hawaii in 1973, working in various restaurants until opening his own in 1982.

Great Chefs began filming in Hawaii for The Discovery Channel’s new series Great Chefs of Hawaii in December of 1994 and finished in the late 90’s for the Great Chefs of the World series.  At the time of filming, Gerard called his restaurant “Gerard’s at the Plantation Inn” however later it was shortened to just Gerard’s.

From the very start, Chef Gerard’s philosophy was to support the local economy.  He used only fresh vegetables grown by local farmers on the slopes of Haleakala,  fresh fish caught by the Lahaina fishermen, and made his own sorbet and jam with Maui grown mangos and berries.  At the time when most Hawaiian restaurants were using products and meats flown in from the Mainland, Chef Gerard was way ahead of his time.  Today, most chefs do regional cusine, but Gerard was one of the pioneers back then.

Papaya and Cheese Charlotte with Coconut-Vanilla Sauce

Making Christmas Bar Drinks on Hawaii News Now 2023

Chilly Irishman & Shots of Joy and so Much More!

Holiday Pomegranate Mimosa how we make them at The Christmas Bar Hawaii Hidden at Tiki's on
Tutu's Hot Coco Drink at The Christmas Tutu's Hot Coco Drink at The Christmas Bar Hawaii

Making Santa's Coke and Cookie Drink at The Christmas Bar Hawaii on Hawaii News Now Sunrise.

@thechristmasbarhawaii 2023 Popup Holiday themed bar is hidden inside the back of Tiki's Grill & Bar at the Twin Fin Hotel in Waikiki, on Oahu. NOW OPEN!!! Last day is Dec 24 and it’s even MORE decorated this year! TV Anchors: Annalisa Burgos ans Billy V on Just head through the secret entrance enjoy ALL the themed areas and displays! There are lots of places for picture taking throughout the space. Take your pick from festive cocktails: 🍻BUTTER BEER: The signature drink that also can be made without alcohol. Vanilla vodka, butterscotch Schnapps, cream soda, whipped topping ✨BUDDY’S BOOZY EGGNOG: Smooth rum, eggnog with a pinch of nutmeg ⛄️WINTERY WHISPER MIMOSA: Prosecco with your choice of pomegranate or orange juice. This one is right up my alley since I love bubbly 🥂 More info at:

Tiki’s donates $8,715.73 to the Maui Food Bank from its 21st Anniversary party

Tiki's Grill & Bar's 21st Anniversary: Honoring Legacy, Community, and Purpose

Tiki’s donates $8,715.73 to the Maui Food Bank from its 21st Anniversary party.

Over the span of two enriching decades, Tiki's Grill & Bar has added its unique flavor to Waikiki, intertwining our culinary journey with the very essence of the community. As we marked our 21st year, our hearts overflowed with gratitude. Mahalo to all our Ohana, including our past and present guests, staff, vendors, and families. 

Our BENEFIT PARTY was a dedicated gesture to support the MAUI FOODBANK, especially in the aftermath of the Kula and Lahaina Wildfires.

Our attendees indulged in a rich spread of our culinary best, including the enticing Molokai Venison Gyoza, Kiawe-Smoked Arancini, Ahi Poke Wonton Sliders, and the sumptuous 20 Layered Haupia Crepe Cake. Not to forget our timeless favorites like Coconut Shrimp, Prime Rib Poke, and Guava-Glazed Ribs. The evening was even more unique, with the live-plated station showcasing the Molokai Venison Bolognese, an undoubted highlight.

Elevating the merriment, we offered an array of hosted drinks, harmoniously accompanied by the vibrant notes of our live music with every growing list of those who have played over the years.

The heartwarming support we received from our patrons through ticket purchases and generous donations enabled us to contribute an impactful $8,715.73 to the Maui Foodbank.

This gesture wasn't merely financial but a heartfelt ode to Maui, collaboratively crafted by our 'ohana.

Our heartfelt thanks to our invaluable current and past vendors. Their multifaceted involvement – from their generous contributions to their enthusiastic participation – stands as a testament to the enduring relationships we've built over the years.

Reflecting on our 21st-anniversary celebration, it wasn't just about Tiki's Grill & Bar. It celebrated community spirit, resilience, and the shared values that bind us. It rekindled our conviction that the impact we create resonates deeply when unified by a shared purpose. Our 'ohana continues to flourish.

MAHALO, For standing with us, reveling with us, and being an integral part of our journey towards positive change. As we cast our gaze forward, we anticipate more anniversaries imbued with rich flavors, cherished memories, and the steadfast spirit of 'ohana.

Mahalo nui loa, From Bill, Michael, and Kelly

🎉 People's Choice Awards - Tiki's becomes a finalist for - "Restaurant with a View" 🌟

🎉 Huge News from "Hawaii's Best 2023 - Restaurant with a View" 🌟 People's Choice Awards!

Is it the beach, the ocean, the surf, or perhaps the sway of the coconut trees? To me, it's all a part of the unparalleled view... and what better place to experience it than at Tiki's Grill & Bar! 🏖️🌊🌴 Tiki's has proudly secured a finalist position, and it's no surprise given the breathtaking vistas they offer!

@Honolulu Star-Advertiser annually celebrates businesses that stand out in their respective fields, becoming the gold standard of excellence. It's always a privilege to be recognized, and reaching finalist status? Well, that's a remarkable feat! 😎

Heartfelt thanks to @Honolulu Star-Advertiser for shining a light on local businesses like Tiki's. Such entities not only drive employment but also play a vital role in enhancing our community's fabric, making our islands a lively, joyous place to live, work, and savor moments. 🌺🏝

Keen to see which other local gems earned their spots? Dive in and explore the best Hawaii has to offer! 🌟


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Dr. Jerry - Shidler magazine on pages 8 & 9

Aloha Michael,

When you have the chance Look at the link below for the Shidler magazine on pages 8 & 9 are in reference to you taking time out to be a Judge for the student project presentation.

I appreciate all your support of my courses, it is your time and dedication that make my Food & Beverage class so Great.
Jerry Agrusa Ph.D., CHE, FMP
School of Travel Industry Management
Shidler College of Business
University of Hawaii at Manoa