Gerard Reversade and Gerards Restaurant – Lahaina, HI

Gerard Reversade and Gerards Restaurant – Lahaina, HI

Chef Biography

For the past 25 years, Chef Gerard Reversade has been recognized as one of the leading chefs in the State of Hawaii.

Born in the Gascony region of France, where great food has flourished for centuries, Chef Gerard comes  from a long line of inn keepers, wine barrel makers and great chefs.  He was cooking by the age of 10, and by the time he was 12, he was baking croissants from scratch.  At the age of 14, he began a four-year apprenticeship, working 15 hour days under four of France’s Master Chefs, to include Robert and Pierre Laporte from the famous Cafe de Paris in Biarritz (Frank Sinatra’s playground).  Chef Gerard came to Hawaii in 1973, working in various restaurants until opening his own in 1982.

Great Chefs began filming in Hawaii for The Discovery Channel’s new series Great Chefs of Hawaii in December of 1994 and finished in the late 90’s for the Great Chefs of the World series.  At the time of filming, Gerard called his restaurant “Gerard’s at the Plantation Inn” however later it was shortened to just Gerard’s.

From the very start, Chef Gerard’s philosophy was to support the local economy.  He used only fresh vegetables grown by local farmers on the slopes of Haleakala,  fresh fish caught by the Lahaina fishermen, and made his own sorbet and jam with Maui grown mangos and berries.  At the time when most Hawaiian restaurants were using products and meats flown in from the Mainland, Chef Gerard was way ahead of his time.  Today, most chefs do regional cusine, but Gerard was one of the pioneers back then.

Papaya and Cheese Charlotte with Coconut-Vanilla Sauce

Making Christmas Bar Drinks on Hawaii News Now 2023

Chilly Irishman & Shots of Joy and so Much More!

Holiday Pomegranate Mimosa how we make them at The Christmas Bar Hawaii Hidden at Tiki's on
Tutu's Hot Coco Drink at The Christmas Tutu's Hot Coco Drink at The Christmas Bar Hawaii

Making Santa's Coke and Cookie Drink at The Christmas Bar Hawaii on Hawaii News Now Sunrise.

@thechristmasbarhawaii 2023 Popup Holiday themed bar is hidden inside the back of Tiki's Grill & Bar at the Twin Fin Hotel in Waikiki, on Oahu. NOW OPEN!!! Last day is Dec 24 and it’s even MORE decorated this year! TV Anchors: Annalisa Burgos ans Billy V on Just head through the secret entrance enjoy ALL the themed areas and displays! There are lots of places for picture taking throughout the space. Take your pick from festive cocktails: 🍻BUTTER BEER: The signature drink that also can be made without alcohol. Vanilla vodka, butterscotch Schnapps, cream soda, whipped topping ✨BUDDY’S BOOZY EGGNOG: Smooth rum, eggnog with a pinch of nutmeg ⛄️WINTERY WHISPER MIMOSA: Prosecco with your choice of pomegranate or orange juice. This one is right up my alley since I love bubbly 🥂 More info at:

Tiki’s donates $8,715.73 to the Maui Food Bank from its 21st Anniversary party

Tiki's Grill & Bar's 21st Anniversary: Honoring Legacy, Community, and Purpose

Tiki’s donates $8,715.73 to the Maui Food Bank from its 21st Anniversary party.

Over the span of two enriching decades, Tiki's Grill & Bar has added its unique flavor to Waikiki, intertwining our culinary journey with the very essence of the community. As we marked our 21st year, our hearts overflowed with gratitude. Mahalo to all our Ohana, including our past and present guests, staff, vendors, and families. 

Our BENEFIT PARTY was a dedicated gesture to support the MAUI FOODBANK, especially in the aftermath of the Kula and Lahaina Wildfires.

Our attendees indulged in a rich spread of our culinary best, including the enticing Molokai Venison Gyoza, Kiawe-Smoked Arancini, Ahi Poke Wonton Sliders, and the sumptuous 20 Layered Haupia Crepe Cake. Not to forget our timeless favorites like Coconut Shrimp, Prime Rib Poke, and Guava-Glazed Ribs. The evening was even more unique, with the live-plated station showcasing the Molokai Venison Bolognese, an undoubted highlight.

Elevating the merriment, we offered an array of hosted drinks, harmoniously accompanied by the vibrant notes of our live music with every growing list of those who have played over the years.

The heartwarming support we received from our patrons through ticket purchases and generous donations enabled us to contribute an impactful $8,715.73 to the Maui Foodbank.

This gesture wasn't merely financial but a heartfelt ode to Maui, collaboratively crafted by our 'ohana.

Our heartfelt thanks to our invaluable current and past vendors. Their multifaceted involvement – from their generous contributions to their enthusiastic participation – stands as a testament to the enduring relationships we've built over the years.

Reflecting on our 21st-anniversary celebration, it wasn't just about Tiki's Grill & Bar. It celebrated community spirit, resilience, and the shared values that bind us. It rekindled our conviction that the impact we create resonates deeply when unified by a shared purpose. Our 'ohana continues to flourish.

MAHALO, For standing with us, reveling with us, and being an integral part of our journey towards positive change. As we cast our gaze forward, we anticipate more anniversaries imbued with rich flavors, cherished memories, and the steadfast spirit of 'ohana.

Mahalo nui loa, From Bill, Michael, and Kelly

🎉 People's Choice Awards - Tiki's becomes a finalist for - "Restaurant with a View" 🌟

🎉 Huge News from "Hawaii's Best 2023 - Restaurant with a View" 🌟 People's Choice Awards!

Is it the beach, the ocean, the surf, or perhaps the sway of the coconut trees? To me, it's all a part of the unparalleled view... and what better place to experience it than at Tiki's Grill & Bar! 🏖️🌊🌴 Tiki's has proudly secured a finalist position, and it's no surprise given the breathtaking vistas they offer!

@Honolulu Star-Advertiser annually celebrates businesses that stand out in their respective fields, becoming the gold standard of excellence. It's always a privilege to be recognized, and reaching finalist status? Well, that's a remarkable feat! 😎

Heartfelt thanks to @Honolulu Star-Advertiser for shining a light on local businesses like Tiki's. Such entities not only drive employment but also play a vital role in enhancing our community's fabric, making our islands a lively, joyous place to live, work, and savor moments. 🌺🏝

Keen to see which other local gems earned their spots? Dive in and explore the best Hawaii has to offer! 🌟


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Dr. Jerry - Shidler magazine on pages 8 & 9

Aloha Michael,

When you have the chance Look at the link below for the Shidler magazine on pages 8 & 9 are in reference to you taking time out to be a Judge for the student project presentation.

I appreciate all your support of my courses, it is your time and dedication that make my Food & Beverage class so Great.
Jerry Agrusa Ph.D., CHE, FMP
School of Travel Industry Management
Shidler College of Business
University of Hawaii at Manoa

VIDEO Boy's & Girls Club of Hawaii Alumni Lilly & Tiki's Chef Ronnie Volunteer for Walk in the Country 23!

Meet Lilly, the spark of energy at Tiki's Host Stand! Her connection with Tiki's Grill & Bar began 4 years ago during a Boys & Girls Club Field Trip.

Now, this high school go-getter and Chef Ronnie are volunteering their time and passion for "Walk in the Country," the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii's renowned event. Held at the breathtaking Four Seasons Resort O'ahu at Ko Olina, this event aims to gather support for invaluable programs that make a real difference in our youth's lives. Join them and be part of this incredible cause! For tickets and more information, visit: Walk in the Country 2023. 🌺 #TikisOhana #bgch #TikisGrill #CommunityChampions #BoysAndGirlsClub #WalkInTheCountry2023 #FutureVet #TikisGrillAndBar #TeamTikis #OhanaMeansFamily #HospitalityHeroes #FoodIndustryLeaders #TikisFamilyTradition #together #partner #nonprofit #strongertogether #smile #youth #community #whateverittakes #smile #bluedoors #engage #inspire #empower #kidsmatter #futureleaders 🎉

- From Field Trip to Host Stand: Lilly's Inspiring Journey at Tiki's Grill & Bar! LILLY AND RONNIE BOY'S & GIRL'S CLUB - Empowering Youth with Tiki's - Our Community Outreach Programs LILLY AND RONNIE BOY'S & GIRL'S CLUB -  

Farm Work Day: Tiki's Ohana Joins Go Farm Hawaiʻi for a Day of Giving Back in Waimanalo to support ALOHA Harvest.

Volunteer Farm Work Day: Tiki's Grill & Bar Ohana Joins Go Farm Hawaiʻi for a Day of Giving Back in Waimanalo

In the spirit of aloha and community, 20 volunteers from Tiki's Grill & Bar Ohana recently joined forces with Go Farm Hawaiʻi and ALOHA Harvest for a volunteer farm work day in Waimanalo. Guided by our coach Rachel LaDrig from Go Farm Hawaiʻi, we had a fulfilling and impactful day on the farm.

Go Farm Hawaiʻi is a local initiative committed to addressing food insecurity and promoting sustainable agriculture in the islands. The organization plays an integral role in our community by redistributing surplus food and ensuring no edible produce goes to waste. Through partnerships with local entities like the Waimanalo Research Station and Tiki's Grill & Bar Ohana, ALOHA Harvest can tap into a bountiful supply of fresh produce, truly making a difference in the lives of those who struggle with food insecurity.

As part of our commitment to giving back, our team spent the day tending to crops, digging out weeds, and working diligently to support the farm’s operations. We moved truckloads of compost and helped straighten out irrigation piping, all under the hot Hawaiian sun. Although the work was hard, the camaraderie and spirit of teamwork made the day both fun and rewarding. We were accompanied by music, laughter, and a collective sense of purpose.

The partnership between Tiki's Grill & Bar Ohana and Go Farm Hawaiʻi extends beyond this single day of volunteering. Through continuous efforts, Go Farm Hawaiʻi grows crops specifically for donation, ensuring a steady supply of fresh, locally sourced produce for those in need, thereby reinforcing ALOHA Harvest's mission.

We're proud to be part of such collaborative initiatives. By working together, we're able to make a tangible impact in the fight against food insecurity and promote sustainable practices that benefit both people and the environment. Moreover, it deepens our connection with the land, the community, and reinforces the shared values of aloha.

In conclusion, this experience has served as a reminder that every small effort counts. Through collective action, we can sow the seeds of positive change for a more sustainable and compassionate future. It’s a shining example of the true essence of aloha, with local businesses and community initiatives coming together to address pressing issues. We are nurturing the island's bounty and sharing it with those who need it most.

This inspiring collaboration reminds us all that a sustainable and inclusive community is one that thrives when everyone participates in nurturing and supporting its growth. We're grateful to everyone who joined us for this event - Abigail, Andrew, Casey, Daijah, Dale, Desiree, Drew, Evelyn, Javan, Jedwin, Jenni, Jennifer, John, John, Lindsey, Matt, Michael, Moana, Richard, Sekona'ovaihi, and Taylor - your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.

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Last Place? IARU HF World Championship: Short Time, still fun!!

Can I win last place? I competed in the IARU HF World Championship. Due to various commitments, my time was limited, but let me tell you, it didn't diminish the excitement. I wanted to get more contacts but was wiped out and went to bed! Hi Hi!

This annual event aims to bolster amateur self-training in radiocommunications, help amateurs hone their operating skills, conduct technical investigations, and foster global intercommunication, particularly with IARU member society headquarters stations.

Despite my limited time frame, I successfully reached out to a FEW stations; I used the Icom IC-7300, and a modest 100W of power to make voice (phone mode) contacts on the  20, 15-meter bands.
QSO: 21280 PH 2023-07-09 0725 KH6ML         59  61     DA0HQ          59  DARC      
QSO: 14316 PH 2023-07-09 0747 KH6ML         59  61     C3RY             59  27        (Looks Like I made a logging mistake here!)
QSO: 14303 PH 2023-07-09 0748 KH6ML         59  61     SK9HQ           59  SSA      
QSO: 14292 PH 2023-07-09 0751 KH6ML         59  61     TM0HQ            59  REF      
QSO: 14279 PH 2023-07-09 0754 KH6ML         59  61     W1WA/KH6      59  ARRL    
QSO: 14265 PH 2023-07-09 0755 KH6ML         59  61     DA0HQ             59  DARC  

The contest took place over the second full weekend of July (July 8-9, 2023), starting at 1200 UTC Saturday and running through 1159 UTC Sunday. One of the great aspects of the IARU HF Championship is that it allows both single and multioperator stations to operate the entire 24-hour period, so even if you have limited time, like I did, you can still take part and make those invaluable contacts.

The full rules of the IARU HF World Championship are available as a downloadable document here for those interested in understanding the detailed rules and regulations of this engaging event.

Remember, it's not always about the number of contacts you make, but about the journey, the learning, and the connections you create along the way. Here's to many more radio adventures!

Nihoa - AUKAKA David G . Nottage & Peter Nottage

1955 AUG 21-24  On AUKAKA
 Ivan T . Rainwater (USDA)
 George  Carter 
David G . Nottage 
Peter Nottage 
Ed Sheehan 

The Aukaka, owned by a Honolulu insurance man, David G. Nottage, paid a visit to Nihoa in 1955. Aboard were Nottage and his brother Peter; George Carter, a Pearl Harbor mechanic; Ed Sheehan, a Honolulu radio announcer; and Ivan T. Rainwater, an airport supervisor with the plant quarantine branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Rainwater, an amateur archaeologist, had been detailed to collect specimens of charcoal for radioactive carbon dating by Dr. K.P. Emory.

The party landed and established camp. The following day, a camp was set up on nearby Necker and radio communication between the two islands was established. Part of the party subsequently sailed for Honolulu, another group remained on Necker, and a third crew stayed on Nihoa. The members on Nihoa included Edward L. Caum, Harold S. Palmer, Charles S. Judd, and Bruce Cartwright.

On 20 and 21 June, the Tanager removed the parties from Nihoa and Necker, respectively (Gregory, 1924: 21-22). During the protracted visit, hydrographic work was done, plane table topographic surveys were taken, and extensive collections and studies were made of the archaeology and biota (see Appendix Table 3).