Speaking at SmallBiz Academy - Monetizing Your Digital Media

Many of you know that I'm the proud director of operations for Tiki's Grill & Bar. A few of you know that I've been teaching classes focusing on consumer behavior in the business program at the University of Hawai'i - West Oahu. Sharing my social media marketing and business experiences with my classes been very rewarding.

Last year I was honored to be asked by Hawaii Business Magazine to speak at the final SmallBiz Academy of the year. The topic was "Monetizing Your Digital Media."

Editor Steven Petranik welcomed everyone and introduced Thomas Obungen, digital and social media strategist of Upspring Media LLC and Associate Editor of Frolic Hawaii. He shared about using Facebook to drive excitement and engagement, also discussing sequence and frequency of posting. He explained how testing pricing for lunches made them come up with a price of $10 per box lunch, which allowed higher sales $12 as people bought two at $10 vs. one at $12.

Kuhao Zane, director of design and marketing, represented the aloha shirt company, Sig Zane Designs. It was his Dad's 72nd birthday and he asked everyone to stand and wish him birthday, sharing a story about how Hawaiians embraced the printing press to share knowledge in the Hawaiian language with others. He explained how today's platforms still allow for sharing, with their shirts each telling a story. Takeaways from Kuhao included the storefront, using elements in , placing content before sales. 

Jennifer Diesman, VP of HMSA, shared the challenges of being a mature company and what it took to launch an app more about health and well-being than an insurance company and finding the right partner in ShareCare to get it done.

I spoke about Yelp and went beyond the basics. Speaking about understanding consumers and embracing the platform, leveraging data along with guest experience to make improvements, yet also doing the basics. 

Hosted by Steven Petranik and Cheryl with Kira Chong Tim and Michelle Okada and Jeff Hawe, along with the rest of the team at Hawaii Business Magazine.

It was hosted in the downtown Honolulu Business District with about 120 guests in the room. http://www.hawaiibusiness.com/5-things-small-businesses-should-know-about-monetizing-their-digital-media/