Filming of UK TV show Food Unwrapped hosted by Kate Quilton.

It was busy weekend of filming with the UK TV show Food Unwrapped hosted by Kate Quilton. We can't tell you what the show will be on, but it will be interesting. Her technical crew was professional and fun.

Food Unwrapped has arrived on Lifestyle FOOD. This award-winning series will change the way you think about a whole host of supermarket staples from ice cream, to yoghurt, orange juice, tinned fruit, beer, and even the ever-curious sushi seafood stick.

In the series, food investigators and intrepid reporters Matt Tebbutt, Kate Quilton, and Jimmy Doherty travel the globe to unearth the truth about mass produced food, asking hard hitting questions about things we often overlook, and the fine print on food wrappers.

To spark your own culinary inquisitiveness, here are just two pretty regular processed foods, with rather extraordinary ingredients, or at least hidden components you might not expect.