HGTV House Hunters Drinks at Tiki's Grill & Bar (May 29,2018) Filmed on Location

Filmed at Tiki's Grill & Bar Season 145, Episode 5

Sean and Monica love the easy life of Honolulu, HI. Monica has lived in Hawaii her entire life, but Sean moved there in high school, and then returned about 10 years ago. Since his return, Monica and him met at work, fell in love, and married six years ago.

Now the couple has two children together and a son from a previous relationship. On this House Hunters, the happy couple wants to upgrade their home to accommodate their growing children.

Wish Lists

His: Sean wants a contemporary home that’s only one story. He doesn’t want to have to walk up and down stairs. He wants a large rec room and a large backyard.

Hers: Monica prefers mid-century modern style homes. She wants something with curb appeal, and Monica wants a large open kitchen. She also needs a walk-in closet.

Despite their house style preferences, they’re willing to compromise as long as they have everything they need inside the home. They also want an enclosed garage, a double vanity, no carpet, and a bathtub.

Their budget recently increased to $750,000.