Hurricane Felicia Update #1 - Via HVCB Hurricane Felicia Update #1 - Via HVCB

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Hurricane Felicia Update #1
Friday, August 7, 2009, 3:30 pm


As you know, Hurricane Felicia is weakening as it heads toward the Hawaiian Islands.  We have been asked to provide periodic updates to our members:

Current Situation:
  • Hurricane Felicia has weakened to a category 2 hurricane. The National Weather Service (NWS) believes that the storm will continue to weaken as it travels over cooler water today and tomorrow morning.
  • NWS also believes that Felicia will likely weaken to a tropical storm or tropical depression by the time it reaches the islands. All islands should therefore be prepared for:
    • High surf along eastern shores beginning Sunday.
    • Heavy showers and possible flooding on all islands Monday through Tuesday.
  • The State Civil Defense and the National Weather Service continue to monitor this storm closely and update the public on a regular basis.
  • Official NWS updates are available at

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NOAA Weather Radio
  • Station KBA99 Serving Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and part of the Big Island on 162.550 & 162.400 MHz
  • Station WWG27 Serving parts of the Big Island on 162.550 MHz

Phone Recordings
From O`ahu
  • O`ahu Forecast incl Honolulu & Vicinity (808) 973-5286
  • O`ahu Forecast (808) 973-4380 or 973-4381
  • Marine Forecast (808) 973-4382
  • Surf Observations and Forecast (808) 973-4383
  • Coastal Winds and Buoy Observations (808) 973-6114
From Maui
  • Toll Free Maui Community, Marine, and Haleakala Forecasts, and Coastal Wind and Buoy observations (866) 944-5025
From Kaua`i
  • Kaua`i Forecast (808) 245-6001
  • Kaua`i Marine Forecast (808) 245-3564
From the Big Island
  • Hilo and vicinity Forecast (808) 935-8555
  • Big Island Forecast (808) 961-5582
  • Big Island Marine Forecast (808) 935-9883