International Space Station sent me a photo from space via Ham Radio.

First time working a đź›° and I was able to receive a photo From theInternational Space Station

International Space Station or ISS sent via radio waves on ham band of 145.800 with mode  PD120 SSTV. The clearest image received was fixed yagi to Yaesu 857d and then into pc for decode. The third image posted is from handheld ANYTONE 878 to iPhone via the speaker.  This is from ARISS Russia iSlow Scan Television (SSTV) image transmissions on 145.800 MHz FM from the International Space Station.

ARISS Amateur Radio on the International Space Station celebrated the life and accomplishments of astronaut, scientist, and ham radio pioneer Owen Garriott with a commemorative SSTV event featuring images from Garriott’s work with ham radio during his missions in space. This event was on August 1 til August 2019.

Transmissions will be sent at 145.800 MHz FM in the SSTV mode PD-120. Once received, images can be posted and viewed by the public at and you can receive a special SSTV ARISS Award for posting your image. See for details.

This event uses a computer in the ISS Russian Segment, which stores images that are then transmitted to Earth using the ARISS amateur radio station located in the Service Module which employs the Kenwood TM D710E transceiver.

The Iphone Progam I use is SatSat is a satellite tracking software, for radio amateurs, scientists or hobbyists. It displays current and next passes for any satellites, it also provides beacons frequencies to listen to.

- SatSat works totally offline, with its own predictions and maps.

- Watch where the ISS or any other satellites are in real time.

- Add future passes to your calendar.

- SatSat automatically fetch updated satellites data.

- Get radio beacon frequencies for active satellites.

- Doppler shift