Mother Day Menu Item "What is a Andagi?" @tikisgrill

I over heard one of our waiters ask Chef "Kapo" Kapolanialaimaka Kealoha. "What is a Andagi?" so he made a few up to try before Mother's Day. I only took two, but now I want to see if there are any more left. I love my job!

Here the Mother's day menu at Tiki's Grill & Bar.

Sātā andāgī (サ�タ�アンダ�ギ�) are sweet deep fried buns of dough similar to doughnuts, native to Okinawa. They are also popular in Hawaii, sometimes known there simply as andagi. Traditional Okinawan andagi is make by mixing flour, sugar and eggs. The ingredients are mixed into a ball and deep fried.

Sātā means "sugar", while andāgī or anda-agī means "deep fried" ("oil" (anda) + "fried" (agī)) in Okinawan. (Sātā and anda-agī are called satō and abura-age in Japanese.) It is also known as sātā andagī and sātā anragī.

Sata andagi are a part of Okinawan cuisine. Like most confectioneries from the Ryukyu Islands, the techniques for making them are descended from a combination of Chinese and Japanese[1], although other sources say it simply is a derivative of a Chinese dish. They are typically prepared so that the outside is crispy and browned while the inside is light and cake-like.

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