My 2024 CQ World Wide WPX Contest Results!

This March, I participated in the intense and exhilarating CQ World Wide WPX Contest, where I took 4th place in Hawaii and ranked 87th across Oceania. Competing in one of the world's largest "everyone-works-everyone" radio contests was an absolute thrill!

The WPX contests are renowned for their global participation, attracting amateurs of all skill levels—from beginners to world champions. The objective is clear: contact as many amateurs and collect as many unique callsign prefixes as possible. With thousands of unique callsign prefixes from hundreds of DX entities, the contest is a rich hunting ground for those, like myself, who are chasing the coveted CQ WPX Awards Program endorsements.

During the contest, contacts between stations on different continents but in the same country score differently based on the band, adding a strategic layer to the already challenging environment. Special event and commemorative stations with unique prefixes also join the fray, adding to the contest's dynamic nature.

This year’s participation not only tested my abilities but also deepened my appreciation for the vibrant and diverse amateur radio community worldwide. I’m already looking forward to next year’s contest, aiming even higher!

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