Nihoa - AUKAKA David G . Nottage & Peter Nottage

1955 AUG 21-24  On AUKAKA
 Ivan T . Rainwater (USDA)
 George  Carter 
David G . Nottage 
Peter Nottage 
Ed Sheehan 

The Aukaka, owned by a Honolulu insurance man, David G. Nottage, paid a visit to Nihoa in 1955. Aboard were Nottage and his brother Peter; George Carter, a Pearl Harbor mechanic; Ed Sheehan, a Honolulu radio announcer; and Ivan T. Rainwater, an airport supervisor with the plant quarantine branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Rainwater, an amateur archaeologist, had been detailed to collect specimens of charcoal for radioactive carbon dating by Dr. K.P. Emory.

The party landed and established camp. The following day, a camp was set up on nearby Necker and radio communication between the two islands was established. Part of the party subsequently sailed for Honolulu, another group remained on Necker, and a third crew stayed on Nihoa. The members on Nihoa included Edward L. Caum, Harold S. Palmer, Charles S. Judd, and Bruce Cartwright.

On 20 and 21 June, the Tanager removed the parties from Nihoa and Necker, respectively (Gregory, 1924: 21-22). During the protracted visit, hydrographic work was done, plane table topographic surveys were taken, and extensive collections and studies were made of the archaeology and biota (see Appendix Table 3).