"Otoshi: Japan's Table Charge Dish That Will Have You Laughing and Crying All at Once"

Otoshi is a unique part of Japanese dining culture.

Have you ever visited a Japanese restaurant and found yourself faced with an unexpected fee called otoshi at the beginning of your meal?

To clarify, otoshi is not a side dish, appetizer, or drink; it is an automatic fee that comes with sitting down at a table in some Japanese establishments. Some restaurants even have signs stating "otoshi wa kanrisha ni narimasu," which means "otoshi will be served by the server."

Otoshi is not always a simple fee. It can range from a small plate of pickled vegetables to a full-blown seafood platter. And the best part? You didn't even order it!

The reason behind this practice is to encourage diners to start eating and drinking right away, rather than lingering and taking up valuable table space. So, in a way, you're paying for the privilege of having a seat at the table. #culture #restaurants #JapaneseDining #DiningCulture #Restaurants #uniqueexperience #Japan #travel