POTA - K-6145 Sand Island State Recreation Area 4-23-2021

After a great week at work, I took my truck and radio and headed to the Sand Island State Recreation Area.

Parks on the Air ® (POTA) international portable amateur radio operations that promote emergency awareness and communications from national/federal and state/provincial level parks.
Using the Icom IC-7300 radio with 100w max power and a HI-Q Antenna mounted on my truck, I was able to talk to 18 different amateur radio operators. On 15m, 20m and 40.

Sand Island State Recreation Area offers weekends-only shoreline camping within a heavily industrialized area very close to the urban core of Honolulu and the flight path of the Honolulu International Airport. This park is also adjacent to the Sand Island Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) day-use riding area, which contains tracks and trails for motorized OHV’s and non-motorized BMX bikes.
Sand Island is an arid, urban coastal park that offers picnicking, camping, walking, shore fishing, and board surfing. It fronts a small sand beach and has good views of Honolulu Harbor and ocean sunsets. (14.0 acres)

The Hawaii Emergency Amateur Radio Club would like to assist Oahu residents in obtaining or upgrading their FCC Amateur Radio licenses. Given sufficient interest, classes will be held with examinations following each class.
Classes are free but require students to purchase the ARRL License manual, the basis of course material. "Ham Academy" drill software provided on Internet has proved to help students master the material.