Tonight TV Crew 18, 1800 LBS of Tiki's, 1128 bottles for Hot Hawaiian Nights at 6pm!

Night is our big night with the live television show.

Heineken Hot Hawaiian Nights on K-5 (KFIVE). Party starts at 6pm and we go live at 7pm with the Band Ten Feet.
This morning Chef Kapo and the morning crew at Tiki's took care of most of the setup moving 5 Tiki's with a estimated weight of 360 pounds each, 60 tables and countless chairs, 29 potted palms and plants, 12 Unbrellas with 60 pound cement bases. If you work here you don't need to go to the gym.

We got in a addtional delvier of 1128 beer bottles to chill down for tonight's event.

The back half of the lava tube is being transformed into a full blown studio control room. The K-5 team of 18 has been setting up for two days.

The event is open to the public and there is no cover charge. If you can make it down, you can see it live on KFIVE.