Kokoleka: Chocolate with Aloha

Mahalo to Chef Ronnie and Pastry Chef Shay for participating in the first Annual Hawaii Chocolate Festival.

From http://www.hawaiian-skies.com Blog:

As if beautiful beaches, scenic mountains and lush rainforests weren’t enough, Hawai‘i also offers the world the sweet pleasure of chocolate. With thousands of acres of farmland and the perfect growing weather, this delicious treat is a natural for the Islands.

Hawai‘i is the only place in America that grows cacao, the raw material for chocolate. You can experience the end result in a growing number of specialty chocolates. They make a great souvenir -- and a sweet indulgence.

You can learn more about some of the great places profiled in this story at SweetParadiseChocolate.com, HiloSharksCoffeeShop.webs.com, WaialuaEstate.com, MalieKai.com and KonaNaturalSoap.com.

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