Maui Onion Grown from Seed

This is our first Maui Onion that we grew from seed.

Granex Onion
Allium cepa
3-3 1/2 in.
Hardy biennial

Maui onions are a variety of Granex onion which are widely cultivated
on the Hawaiian island of Maui, although they can be grown in other
regions as well. Like other sweet onions, Maui onions lack the sulfur
which causes the strong odor and sharp taste associated with onions.
The State of Hawaii has invested a great of money in marketing their
famous onion variety, putting it on par with Vidalia onions from
Georgia, another sweet onion variety. Many markets carry Maui onions
in season, along with other sweet varieties, and if you live in a
temperate zone, you may be able to grow some yourself.

The Yellow Granex is excellent for eating fresh!

Planting depth: 1/4"
Soil temp. for germ.: 50-75 F
Days to germ.: 7-14
Plant spacing: 4"
Days to maturity: 105-110
Full sun
Water heavy