Hawaiian War Chant Hula at Tiki's Kaua I Ka Huahua`i - Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai

Malu Productions performs the Hawaiian War Chant at Tiki's Grill & Bar. They are using Hawaiian Uli Uli Feather Rattles Hula Dance Implements made from calabash gourd, filled with seeds, decorated with feathers. 

Tiki's features live music 7 days a week. Full musical Line up can be found at www.tikisgrill.com

"Hawaiian War Chant" was an American popular song whose original melody and lyrics were written in the 1860s by Prince Leleiohoku.[1] The original title of the song was Kāua I Ka Huahuaʻi or "We Two in the Spray." It was not written as a chant, and the Hawaiian lyrics describe a clandestine meeting between two lovers, not a battle. The English title therefore has nothing to do with the song as it was originally written and performed in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian lyrics are unusual because they are often written with the letter "T" appearing where a "K" would be expected by many modern readers. However, the spelling reflects an older accent which is preserved to a large degree in the more northern islands, such as Niʻihau and Kauaʻi. Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai


Kaua I Ka Huahua`i - by Prince Leleiôhoku

Kâua i ka huahua`i
E `uhene lâ i pili ko`olua
Pukuku`i lua i ke ko`eko`e
Hanu lipo o ka palai

Auwê ka hua`i lâ

`Auhea wale ana `oe
E ka`u mea e li`a nei
Mai hô`apa`apa mai `oe
O loa`a pono kâua

I aloha wau iâ `oe
I kâu hanahana pono
La`i a`e ke kaunu me ia la
Hô`apa`apai ka mana`o

You and I in the spray
Such joy, the two of us together
Embracing tightly in the coolness
Breathing deep of the palai fern

Oh, such spray

My desire
Don't linger
Lest we be found

I loved you
Your warmth
Calmed passion
Preventing thought

Source: Na Mele O Hawai`i Nei by Sam Elbert & Noelani Mahoe - Known as the Hawaiian War Chant, this is really a love ballad. Prince William Pitt Leleiohokukalaho`olewa (1854-1877) was the brother of King David Kalakaua, Queen Liliuokalani and Princess Miriam Likelike. His name, "flight on the day of the full moon", commemorates the funeral of Kamehameha III. A gifted composer, it was believed he would have been a wise king had he not died prematurely of rheumatic fever, at age 22.
Source: http://www.huapala.org/Kau/Kaua_I_Ka_...

Shot by Michael Miller with a Iphone 5.

International Waikiki Hula Conference 2010

Tiki's Grill & Bar was happy to host some pau hana parties for visiting and local Halau that participated with the International Waikiki Hula Conference.
The International Waikiki Hula Conference offers the rare opportunity to come to Hawaii to learn, share and experience hula in the land of its birth, with a variety of respected hula masters, many of whom do not travel outside Hawaii to teach. For our local hula people, it is the chance to enrich their hula experience from many sources in one place, and to meet fellow dancers and kumu hula from around the world.

Pool Side Performance

The Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel is a proud sponsor of the International Waikiki Hula Conference.

Workshops cover all types of hula, from ancient to modern, and also encompass hula-related arts such as lei and implement making, hula songs and ukulele playing, chanting, Hawaiian language pronunciation and fine aspects of hula dancing itself, such as posture, basic footwork and use of hands. A wide variety of hula traditions are represented and taught.  In designated "Ho`ike" workshops, conferees learn a hula they can dance that night in a hula show presented by their workshop kumu and halau, at public stages throughout Waikiki.

Seminars feature special presentations by hula masters and cultural experts, thought-provokong panel discussions, and may encompass hula history, costume, protocol, music, etc. There is something to excite all participants, from beginners to advanced hula dancers.

A non-profit project of the Waikiki Improvement Association