Mahalo email from our Local Organic Green Grower

Aloha e Mike and Kapo:

Hope the new year has gotten off to a good start for you guys and the team at Tiki's.

I was just working on all of MA'O's 2009 #s and see how much produce Tiki's has been buying from us!
Just wanted to say thanks for your support - we know there are now a few good options for local greens that you guys have to choose from and are thrilled to be able to send our goods your way week after week.
As always, we love to hear candid feedback about our produce and service, both good and bad. This really helps us as a business and our youth as developing leaders. 

Also, we'd love to chat with you guys about other ways to work together in 2010. Farm visits for your staff, new produce items we can grow for your menus, promotions and educational demos our youth can do for you and your guests, are just some ideas our farm team has talked about.  Your thoughts always appreciated. 


MA‘O Fruits and Vegetables

Ma'o Farms Picture

Baby lettuces, ready for harvest.

Ma'o Farms Picture

Hakurei Japanese turnip, just cleaned.

Ma'o Farms Picture

Red chard, ready for harvest.

Ma'o Farms Picture