Coconut Club Photos of Rachael and Reginald by Wendy & Eric of L'Amour Photography.

Here are some great photos from our friends Wendy & Eric.   Capturing the priceless moments, subtle details and grand emotions of life's most romantic events, L'Amour Photography is a Hawaii-based journalistic wedding photography company dedicated to the highest artistic and professional standards. 

What began as a labor of love by husband and wife team Wendy and Eric Leslie-Mansperger has blossomed into a team of industry leading photographers with a world-wide demand. Each team member brings diverse talent, yet we are united by a vibrant aesthetic, strong technical skills and a dedicated work ethic

The wedding reception was held at Coconut Club at Tiki’s Grill & Bar directly on the Waikiki strip.

Tiki’s Grill and Bar is centrally located in Waikiki Beach, which is convenient for guests especially for Hawaii destination weddings. The Coconut Club is located on the 21st floor and has amazing views of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach.

 This Waikiki wedding reception had a Moroccan theme with beautiful flowers, linens, and decor by the ever so talented Designs By Hemingway.  The centerpieces were colorful Moroccan lanterns surrounded by bright roses and orchids.

 The linens were exotically patterned with magentas, oranges and purples.  As the grand centerpiece to this Moroccan themed wedding reception Designs By Hemingway constructed an impressive a towering arrangement of roses, drift wood, and feathers that was a beautiful focal point in the reception.
 This cute couple finished up their Waikiki wedding reception at the Coconut Club watching the weekly fireworks display that Hilton Hawaiian Village puts on every Friday night.  This was a wonderful wedding coordinated by Katy Castillo Weddings.  Congrats to Rachael and Reginald!

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Michael C. Miller
Director of Sales & Marketing
Tiki's Grill & Bar

808-923-Tiki (8454)

Columnist John Berger was at our 8th Anniversary Party On the Scene - Hawaii News -

Columnist John Berger was at our 8th Anniversary Party last week and snapped a shot of local radio personality and author Phil Roberts! Phil wrote a book about Tiki's and included several pictures of our place! Thanks Phil!
On the Scene - Hawaii News -
CELEBRATING TIKIS 4. Philip S. Roberts, center, held an informal book-signing party-within-a-party when Michael Miller, left, and Bill Tobin celebrated the eighth anniversary of Tiki's Grill & Bar last Sunday at the Aston Waikiki. Roberts' book, "Waikiki Tiki," a colorful and thorough history of "tiki culture" in Hawaii, includes several pictures of the decor at Tiki's.


Dwight and Elanie Wedding photos - Coconut Club Tiki's Grill & Bar by Richard Wainscoat

Here is a wonderful side show from Richard Wainscoat.

The photos of the coconut club start at 2:24, Their wedding reception was held in Coconut Club at Tiki’s Grill & Bar. 

Wedding and lifestyle photographer Richard Wainscoat provides high quality photography to discriminating clients. Our wedding photography packages are customizable to fit your budget. Richard lives in Kailua, Oahu with his wife Shiyana, who is also a professional photographer and serves as a second photographer at weddings (see Oahu Wedding Photo). If you are planning a destination wedding on Oahu, Hawaii. '

Check out

ceremony: Waimanalo Beach
reception: Tiki's Coconut Club, Waikiki
coordinator: Diana with Oahu Wedding
officiant: Kahu Bruce Ah Leong
musician: Ashley K. Simpson and Po'ohala
cake: Tiers of Joy

Michael C. Miller
Director of Sales & Marketing
Tiki's Grill & Bar

808-923-Tiki (8454)

Honolulu’s Greatest Burgers Article includes our Grand Tiki Burger - Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Not that you really need an excuse…but these last few days of May provide a perfect opportunity to eat a burger or two more than usual.
As National Burger Month concludes, we’ve been on the lookout for some special burgers at city restaurants. Yes, they’re a little pricier than your average fast food patty , but what do you get for the extra dollars? Grass fed beef, locally sourced greens and tomatoes, imported Irish cheese, and even a choice of bison, buffalo or ostrich. With space limitations it’s impossible to print a complete list of Honolulu’s greatest burgers – but here are a few firm favorites to get you started.
More at

Here is the section about our burger:

Grand Tiki Burger
You might not expect to find a great burger on the roof top of a hotel in Waikiki, but the Tiki Burger has been a hit with locals and tourists alike, since the restaurant opened. Tiki’s uses Maui Cattle Company ground beef in their 1/2lb patty, served on a toasted sesame seed bun stacked with sweet onions, sliced pickles, iceberg lettuce and sliced roma tomatoes.

The Grand Tiki is $12, and for an extra $4, you can double up and get yourself a full one-pound of ground beef on a bun. While you’re there, you might want to try the locally inspired Fried Green Tomato Sandwich; thick slices of Waialua-grown tomatoes fried in cornmeal and topped with goat cheese and island papaya salad.

Tiki’s Grill & Bar  - Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel
2570 Kalakaua Avenue

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Launch Party - Video of "SEVEN TIKI Spiced Rum" premium Fijian rum brand.

From the South Pacific comes SEVEN TIKI Spiced Rum, a Fijian rum with
outstanding flavor and smoothness derived from superior ingredients:
molasses from fine Polynesian sugar cane, sun baked Indonesian nutmeg,
Madagascar vanilla beans and virgin water drawn from deep beneath the
Fiji’s volcanic highlands.

It is now available at Tiki's Grill & Bar and a few other cool places.

The result is a 35 percent alcohol by volume (70 proof) rum that is
remarkably smooth with the robust flavor of fresh sugar cane,
Polynesian fruit, coffee and hints of cherry and chocolate accompanied
by an aroma of vanilla and light creme caramel with a medium-bodied,
well-rounded mouth feel.

Photos from the event

The craft and spirit behind SEVEN TIKI is rooted in the tradition and
adventure of South Pacific legend, which tells of Polynesian
navigators, known as The Great Fleet, who set out from their homeland
of Hawaiki in search of the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa.
These brave navigators carved a ‘Tiki’ into the helm of each of seven
outrigger canoes (or wakas) so “it should always cast a shadow to the
East or West and keep the voyage true.” These Tikis represented seven
skills and qualities they would need to complete their journey across
the open sea. SEVEN TIKI is crafted in honor of these legendary gods
and intrepid navigators.

Mahalo email from our Local Organic Green Grower

Aloha e Mike and Kapo:

Hope the new year has gotten off to a good start for you guys and the team at Tiki's.

I was just working on all of MA'O's 2009 #s and see how much produce Tiki's has been buying from us!
Just wanted to say thanks for your support - we know there are now a few good options for local greens that you guys have to choose from and are thrilled to be able to send our goods your way week after week.
As always, we love to hear candid feedback about our produce and service, both good and bad. This really helps us as a business and our youth as developing leaders. 

Also, we'd love to chat with you guys about other ways to work together in 2010. Farm visits for your staff, new produce items we can grow for your menus, promotions and educational demos our youth can do for you and your guests, are just some ideas our farm team has talked about.  Your thoughts always appreciated. 


MA‘O Fruits and Vegetables

Ma'o Farms Picture

Baby lettuces, ready for harvest.

Ma'o Farms Picture

Hakurei Japanese turnip, just cleaned.

Ma'o Farms Picture

Red chard, ready for harvest.

Ma'o Farms Picture

Wanted Restaurant Manager that enjoys sunsets:


Photo Gallery

  • Picture 1:
  • Picture 2:
  • Picture 3:
  • Picture 4:
  • Picture 5:
  • Picture 6:
  • Picture 7:
  • Picture 8:
  • Description

    Applicants must be on Oahu and ready to interview
    No phone calls, email resumes to

    Great pay, great opportunity, live music unbelievable sunsets.

    Dynamic presence, leadership skills, and excellent communication skills. Takes directions, communicates and executes directions.

    Must have the ability maintain positive guest relations, have the ability to anticipate guest needs. Must be able to motivate your staff, responsible for scheduling of a department.

    Pay depends on experience and what you bring to the table.
    Minimum 5 years management experienced


    Company Name: Tiki's Grill & Bar
    Industry: Food Service
    Occupation: Restaurant Manager
    Employee Type: Employee
    Status: Full Time
    Required Experience (Yrs.): Five
    Expected Travel: 0%


    2570 Kalakaua Ave Honolulu HI 96815

    Powered by | vFlyer Id: 2385549

    Our Menu @tikisgrill for #thegoodtable to Benefit @LanakilaPacific


    Here's How it Works

    At exactly 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 22, over 50 restaurants across Oahu will serve special feasts for an exclusive table in their establishments. Wait till you see the menus they have come up with!

    This is Oahu's first synchronized dining event.  We will all sit down for to dinner, at the same time, for Lanakila Meals on Wheels.  Proceeds will provide much needed funding to deliver more meals to kupuna who need our help.

    Please join us if you can.  And help us turn one great meal into many.

    How it works:   

    • Select a Restaurant Category:   There are six categories of tables to choose from (Please have a look at the table to the left, and click on them for overviews of each category).  Each category offers a different dining atmosphere for you to choose, from very fine dining to family style.  
    • Why Category and Not Restaurant?  The fun of this event is that every table purchased for a category will be added to a pool of other entries for that same category.  A random drawing will be held on October 9th, and you will be notified by October 12 of your restaurant pairing!
    • Prices are Per Table.  Of six or four, depending on your category.
    • To Choose A Restaurant - for a limited time, you may also sponsor a table outright at a higher donation. Simply click on your desired Category and choose the Buy Now feature. 
    • Purchase table ticketson this website or use the downloadable form and fax or mail it in to our office.
    • Please book early to reserve your spot, as tables are limited in number.  Sales close when sold out or on October 8.
    • Welcome Packet will be sent out to you the week of October 12.  This packet will include: notification of your restaurant pairing, your table tickets, instructions, information on your restaurant, as well as detailed information on how you may also participate in the event's website sharing feature.
    • Details:  Table purchases are for chef designed meals described on this website and on the tickets you will be receiving.  Purchase does not cover any other items, including beverages, parking, valet, or gratuity.
    • Note on Gratuity: The fabric of this event is held together by the spirit of generosity. Please be aware of this and make it a point to tip accordingly.  
    • For updates and news:  Please follow, subscribe, or bookmark our newsfeed Inside The Good Table.

    The Good Table: The Web as a Dimension of Sharing

         And because we live in Hawaii, where everything ono invites in the elements of sharing and fun, we've come up with a plan:

         We will be providing a space here on the website for all of us to connect as we all sit down at 6:00 p.m. at tables across Oahu.   Connect?  Yes, we will be asking everyone to email, tweet, or text us images of your special feast so we can share it all via the wonderful web. 

         So, instead of hundreds of rubber slippers outside the door, we will have hundreds of tweets, pics, and texts from all of us to enjoy.

         This has never been done before.  All of us together will be creating an unprecedented, simultaneous, dining event.  This is about finding new ways to come together.

    Why The Good Table?

         Proceeds will help Lanakila Meals on Wheels provide more meals for more seniors – so everyone who is participating, from restaurants to corporate supporters to diners, will be literally turning every meal prepared and enjoyed, into many. 

         Our goal is to raise awareness and $250,000 through this event and Lanakila Social Enterprisesto ensure that we can continue meal service for every senior currently in the program and to bring more than 100 seniors off the waiting list this year.

    Because food is life.

          We live in the world's wealthiest nation, yet, so many of our kupuna are going to sleep hungry.  They are a strong, proud generation.  Often this means that many are suffering in silence. 

         There are hundreds of kupuna on our waiting list to receive meals.  They are waiting because of funding shortfalls, a weakened economy, and because we live in one of the fastest growing senior populations in the nation. 

         It is a heart breaking problem.  But one that we can solve with your support.  We hope that The Good Table becomes more than just an event.  We hope that it becomes a movement that brings us all together, as a community.  A community that takes care of each other, especially our kupuna. 

         You are invited to join us to not only raise funds, but to build a movement to ensure that no kupuna goes hungry in Hawaii. Learn more about the senior hunger crisis.

    Chef Kapo @TikiChef808 will be on the Big Island Cooking for "A Taste of the Hawaiian Range and Agricultural Festival"

    Chef Kapolanialaimaka Kealoha is loading up his coolers and rapping up his knifes for the 14th Mealani's A Taste of the Hawaiian Range and Agricultural Festival.

    It is kind of hard to miss our chef. He is the huge Hawaiian guy with the big knifes and a even bigger smile. Most of the time he is to busy to tweet but he said he is planning to try and tweet a few time at the event you can follow him at

    Chef Kapo said he loves this event because it showcase the best of locally raised meats — including beef, pork, lamb, mutton and goat — and locally grown produce and he get to cook along with 30 chefs.

    Chef is working on a few new menu items to add at Tiki's and hopes to source even more products from the Big Island.


    graphics and pictures

    Mark your calendar for the 2009 Mealani's Taste of the Hawaiian Range and Agriculture Festival. Come and toast our 14th anniversary on September 18, 2009 at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort on the beautiful Kohala Coast of Hawaii Island. As usual, the Taste itself will open to the public at 6:00 p.m. and run ‘til it's all gone or to 8:00 p.m., which ever comes first.

    Indulge your appetite and show your support of local agriculture as the finest culinary talents in Hawaii showcase the bounty and diversity of Hawaii island's agricultural products. Featured chefs will create extraordinary dishes using locally grown range-fed meats utilizing every part from the tongue to the tail.  In addition, lamb, pork, mutton, and goat will be prepared, all complemented by fresh fruits and vegetables from Hawaii Island farmers. Exceptional food products like Kona coffee, specialty teas, micro brewed soda, ice cream, candies, malasadas and other prepared foods will round out the evening’s fare. Tickets are $40.

    What’s New in 2009?

    Educational Seminar 12:00 noon, Kohala Ballroom
    It's All About Taste - A Seminar on Locally-Raised Beef and Other Island Products
    Want to deepen your knowledge of Hawaii's extraordinary agriculture products? Chef William K. Trask of Hawaiian Culinary Consultants, President of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Kona Kohala Chefs Association and long-time advocate for local products, will lead participants through a side-by-side tasting of some of Hawaii's finest products. Find out more by meeting the farmers and ranchers, as well as learn simple, effective ways to highlight the best qualities of Hawaii's local products from the chefs of the ACF-Kona-Kohala Chefs de Cuisine.

    Attendance by registration for culinary students, chefs, "front of house" personnel, retail and wholesale buyers, and media. To register, contact Michelle Galimba at 430-4927 or via email at Space is limited.

    Agriculture Festival Trade Show, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., Grand Ballroom
    A showcase of Hawaii Island food products for chefs, wholesale and retail buyers and media from throughout the state.

    Attendance by registration only. (Not open to the public.)

    “Cooking Grass-fed Beef”, 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., Kohala Ballroom
    Corporate Executive chef of Roy’s Restaurants, Jacqueline Lau, and Executive Chef of Roy’s Restaurant Hawaii Kai, Ronnie Nasuti, will team together to cook up forage fed beef.  They will provide tips for the home cook on the best ways to season, cook, and serve this tasty and delicious product.

    Attendance limited to 100; tickets are $10.

    Who Should Attend This Event?

    Farmers, ranchers, and other food producers who would like to have their products featured.  Also, residents, chefs, restauranteurs, tourists, aficionados of good food and anyone interested in tasting the bounty of Hawaii Island. And anyone looking for great food, a good time, and a great deal. The planning committee is committed to making this year’s festival another great tasting event of ono-licious cuisine.

    For general information, please call (808) 981-5199 ext. 201 on Hawaii Island or email Susan Miyasaka at