Kahuku Farms Eggplant Roulade, Cheese Soufflé, Avocado Puree - TV News Clip - Chef & Grace

For Kitchen Creations, Chef Ronnie Nasuti from Tiki's Grill and Bar featured produce from Kahuku farms. It's a farm that dates back to the early 1900's on Oahu's North Shore. They're known for everything from papaya to bananas to eggplant.

Chef Ronnie created a vegetarian dish which he will feature for an upcoming fundraiser for Leeward Community College this weekend. His recipes are below.

Kahuku Farms Eggplant Roulade, Cheese Soufflé,  Avocado Puree Recipes

Yield=4 servings

Cheese Soufflé

2 Eggs
½ cup Heavy cream
4 tbsps. Pecorino cheese, grated
4 tbsps. Parmesan cheese, grated
4 leafs Fresh basil
2 sprigs, no stems Fresh Italian parsley
pinch Salt & pepper
Blend all ingredients in a blender.
Pour into  2 ounce flex molds, filling to the top.
Bake at 350° for about 20 minutes, until a tooth pick will come out clean.

Eggplant Roulade
1 each Japanese eggplant, sliced thin on a mandolin
1ea Egg, beaten
pinch Salt & pepper
As needed. olive oil
4 pieces Fresh Mozzarella
2 Cherry tomatoes, slice in half with the ends cut off
Basil pesto
Cut eggplant slices in half and toss with egg & salt & pepper.
Sear on both sides at medium high heat with a little olive oil.
Roll each slice of tomato with 1 mozzarella cheese and a tomato slice.

Avocado Purée
1ea. Avocado, seeded and scooped
1 tbsps Olive oil
Half a lime Fresh lime juice
To taste Salt & white pepper
Blend in blender on high speed with butter, salt & white pepper until smooth like baby food.

Parmesan Brittle

Shredding Parmesan cheese
¼ cup Sprinkle cheese on a parchment paper or silpat.
Bake at 350° until light golden brown. Don’t over cook, it will get bitter!
*I served this dish with these optional garnishes…
Micro greens
Sweety drop Peruvian peppers

Vegetable demi glace, this is very cool, but pretty involved recipe.  It’s worth the work for a vegetarian gourmet cook!, Just Google it!

Kahuku Farms is a result of two farming families spanning back three generations in Hawaii. Descendants of the Matsuda/Fukuyama families migrated to Hawaii from Japan to work in the sugar plantations back in the 1900's. Shinichi and Torie Matsuda started farming bell peppers, papayas, watermelon and bananas in Kahuku back in the 1940's and were later joined by their son Melvin in the the 1960's. During a similar time Masatsugu and Nora Fukuyama, also of Kahuku, were farming watermelon, eggplant, papaya and cucumbers and were later joined by their son Clyde in 1965. Clyde and Melvin became long time friends and did several farming ventures together, one of which took them to Australia where they both worked for a year growing watermelons. With similar philosophies and goals, they both decided to merge the Matsuda and Fukuyama Farms in 1986 creating Kahuku Brand.

Kahuku Brand is a company dealing primarily with growing and distributing Hawaii wholesale fruits and vegetables. Nora and Masatsugu Fukuyama With the love of agriculture deeply rooted with both Mel and Clyde, they felt compelled to create a way to diversify and share the wonders and bounty of farming with friends and family, to educate, share and offer hands-on experiences that would enhance the quality of life and result in a deeper appreciation of agriculture as their purpose. Thus, Kahuku Farms was created. A place intended for learning, enjoyment, and experience of diversified agriculture at its finest.

Matsuda Fruit Stand - 1977 In 2005, the daughter of Mel and Momi Matsuda, Kylie Matsuda agreed to champion the task of running the operations for Kahuku Farms. "I feel honored and grateful to perpetuate our family's future in farming," says Kylie. "To share our generations of knowledge and history with others, in this amazing place that I've known as home is a dream I'm passionate to live." Kylie is a graduate of Kahuku High School and the Travel Industry Management School at the University of Hawaii

"Marketing Vitals" Vital to Driving Charity Sales

Here is how we used technology to push sales for a charity! We have been working with Marketing Vitals for a few years now, and their software links with our point of sale system to give us an incredible amount of data.

Marketing Vitals helps restaurants improve sales and increase profits through innovative data marketing analytics software. One of the features they offer is a charity portion that will let all staff and managers know where we stand on our current charity drive. This app runs on most smart phones.

Here is our Tiki's Ohana check presentation to the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation for our support of Localicious 2018. Our team sold 479 Maui Nui Venison Burgers, with a donation of $1 per burger sold. Tiki's made up the difference to make a grand total donation of $500!
This year’s total goal for Localicious was to raise $50,000. Participating restaurants that raised $500 or more are eligible to adopt an HAF partner Department of Education public school classroom. #LocaliciousHI

Tiki's Grill & Bar has been supporting the mission of the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation to raise public awareness of restaurants that are committed to sustaining our local agricultural industry and through doing so, raising funds for agricultural education in our public schools.

For one month, participating restaurants feature a specific dish(es) made with a locally grown, caught or raised products throughout the month. The dish(es) are identified on menus with a Localicious sticker or logo next to the item.  When patrons order the "Localicious" dish,  the restaurant donates $1 to HAF’s Hawaii educational programs.  
Localicious Hawai‘i aims to raise public awareness of restaurants that are active supporters of the state’s agricultural industry. All proceeds raised from the promotion help fund HAF’s educational programs, including Where Would Be Without Seeds, Veggie U, AquaPono Aquaponics, In The Fields, and Kids Cooking Local.
Since the program’s launch in 2014, Localicious has raised more than $170,000 to provide approximately 70 public schools and 200 classrooms statewide with garden kits and structured ag-related curriculums.

Tiki's was excited to be a part of helping teachers in our public schools inspire young future farmers! #LocaliciousHI #EatLocal #BuyLocal #Tikisgrill



Beef Ribeye, ¾” cubes 5oz Sweet local onions, julienne 2oz. Chili pepper flakes 1 pinch Sliced green onions 1 tbsp. Soy sauce 1tbsp. Sesame oil 1 tsp. Kahumana Braising Greens 1 handful Pipikaula aioli As needed • Sauté onions, beef cubes & chili pepper flakes in sesame oil until beef is medium rare. • Deglaze with soy sauce. • Serve over Kahumana braising greens • Sprinkle green onions & drizzle Pipikaula aioli. Pipikaula aioli Shoyu 1 tbsp. Liquid smoke ¼ tsp. Garlic, minced 1 clove Brown sugar 1 tsp. Sambal ½ tsp. Sesame oil ½ tsp. Honey 1 tsp. Mayonnaise ½ cup • Mix all ingredients and refrigerate Since Kahumana started in 1974, the nonprofit has evolved. Today, Kahumana Organic Farm & Café, where we’re sitting, is the epicenter of a 48-acre community that includes transitional housing for 125 homeless families, a learning center and homes that people book for corporate outings, yoga retreats, even vacations. Kahumana also has a certified commercial kitchen that provides more than 5,000 school lunches every week for 26 schools on the Leeward Coast, Waipahu, Kunia and Wahiawā, in addition to servicing both its transitional homes. The nonprofit provides vocational training for those in transition housing, offering paid part-time jobs in the café, market store, certified kitchen, retreat center and farm. This year, Kahumana launched a USDA-supported food hub program, where the farm buys fruits and vegetables from backyard growers and small farmers who may not have the capacity to market, deliver, process or expand their business. The hub already has about 30 members from the community, averaging 8,000 to 10,000 pounds of produce a month. In May alone, Kahumana got more than 20,000 pounds of mangoes from local families and small farmers in the area.
Visit Tiki's Grill and Bar http://www.tikisgrill.com/ Twitter: @tikisgrill Instagram: @tikisgrill, @chefronnie Facebook: Tiki’s Grill & Bar Hashtags #tikisgrill

How does a Tiki's Maui Nui Venison burger help AG education?

Localicious Hawaii! is back again and we are supporting the cause! They promote participating restaurants who are committed to buying local and features a “Localicious Dish”.  During the month of March buying, that dish supports AG education in our public schools (Veggie U Kit).  Every “Localicious Dish” ordered, the restaurant will donate $1! 

- Mahalo to Grace and the HAWAII NOW KGMB/KHNL/KFVE for featuring Chef Ronnie Nasuti

Localicious Hawaii is a part of the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation whose mission is:

“to support and sustain Hawaii’s agricultural industry by addressing critical needs and services of farmers and the agricultural industry in Hawaii, and by better connecting the farmers with the community and vice-versa. This involves educational and outreach programs in the community, as well as direct marketing, technical, educational and in-the-field support for farmers.”

Our goal is to at least raise $500, which will go toward adopting a school wanting a Veggie U kit.  The kits will help teachers in our public schools inspire young future farmers! 


Help teachers in our public schools inspire young future farmers! #LocaliciousHI #EatLocal #BuyLocal #Tikisgrill

Kitchen Creations: Crab Luau Leaf Stuffed Crimini Mushrooms

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Copyright 2018. Hawaii News Now. All Rights Reserved. 

Chef Ronnie Nasuti is showcasing the local Small Kine Farm's Waimanalo mushrooms. Mushrooms are so versatile and can be used for so many things.


Mix everything but the crab and the mushrooms. • Fold in the crab so the pieces don’t break up to small. • Wash & dry the mushroom and remove the stem. • Stuff mushrooms and bake until golden brown…serve.
USDA certified organic mushrooms for their taste and texture. They currently offer the following locally grown mushroom varieties:

Keiki Portabella (above left) mushrooms (more commonly known as Crimini mushrooms) have a lighter flavor and crisper texture. Price for 10 pound case: $80

Tūtū Portabella (above right) large Portabella mushrooms are a minimum of 4” in diameter and rich and robust in flavor. Price for 5 pound case: $45

They are not only are the only Portabella farm in Hawai‘i, but by using their our own compost and a high-tech pasteurization and growing process, they have been able to produce safe, high-quality mushrooms with better taste, texture and a longer shelf life than Mainland competitors…they even LOOK better.

Small Kine Farm sells its organic mushroom compost (also known as spent mushroom substrate or SMS) to farmers, gardeners and other agricultural companies. This nutrient-rich by-product of mushroom farming is widely used on the U.S. Mainland for gardening, vegetable production and weed control.

You can buy them from Kokua Market, Pearlridge farmers market, Mililani farmers market, Whole Foods Market, and Down to Earth in Kailua

Radio Host Jo McGarry interviews Michael Miller on Cookie Tank 2018. Girl Scout Cookies Pitch

 Radio Mojo offers the best of eating, drinking and living in Hawaii. Host Jo McGarry brings a Scottish accent and a love of an ever-changing culinary scene to the airwaves every Saturday morning. A show about food, wine and single malts, peppered with interviews with some of the best chefs, distillers, mixologists and winemakers in the world.

Saturdays, 10:00-11:00 a.m.


Bill Carl, of Southern Glazers Wines and Spirits waxes lyrical on some of his favorite beers of the moment; Michael Miller , Director of Operations from Tiki's Grill and Bar on community relations and Girl Scout Cookies; And we get a first look at The Brilliant Ox as it prepares for opening day - Executive Chef Brian Gremillion joins us to share some fusion pub food.

My interview starts at 34:15 Min.

Filming of UK TV show Food Unwrapped hosted by Kate Quilton.

It was busy weekend of filming with the UK TV show Food Unwrapped hosted by Kate Quilton. We can't tell you what the show will be on, but it will be interesting. Her technical crew was professional and fun. 


Food Unwrapped has arrived on Lifestyle FOOD. This award-winning series will change the way you think about a whole host of supermarket staples from ice cream, to yoghurt, orange juice, tinned fruit, beer, and even the ever-curious sushi seafood stick.

In the series, food investigators and intrepid reporters Matt Tebbutt, Kate Quilton, and Jimmy Doherty travel the globe to unearth the truth about mass produced food, asking hard hitting questions about things we often overlook, and the fine print on food wrappers.

To spark your own culinary inquisitiveness, here are just two pretty regular processed foods, with rather extraordinary ingredients, or at least hidden components you might not expect.

Mention in Pacific Business News: Waikiki restaurant to host Girl Scouts 'Cookie Tank'

Waikiki restaurant to host Girl Scouts 'Cookie Tank'

By  –  Reporter, Pacific Business News
a day ago

Hawaii's Girl Scouts will get the opportunity to expand their sales skills on Saturday in a Shark Tank-style pitching session at Tiki's Grill & Bar, called Cookie Tank.

Director of Operations Michael Miller and Executive Chef Ronnie Nasuti will be taking pitches at the restaurant from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and based on the strength of the pitch, the restaurant will purchase anywhere from two to 10 boxes of cookies per scout.  

“We believe in empowering the community’s youth by helping them with their public speaking and sales skills,” Miller said. “Door-to-door business and family sales are probably one of the most common forms of cookie sales, but this direct business-to-business is another element that can be explored. We figured this was a fun, fair way to get sales from a lot of different scouts and troops.”

Tiki’s has a history of purchasing Girl Scout cookies and incorporating them into its menu. In 2017, it featured a Girl Scout Cookie Cheesecake made with Kona coffee and a Thin Mint Cookie crust, and ended up selling 1,350 cheesecakes.