Great free fonts from @davidodesign FREE TIKI FONT

Check out David Occhino fonts and designs. He is a professional creative freelance artist and idea development guru. He put these great fonts out for free.


But we plan to reward him in a small way by having a ice cold a Mai Tai in a coconut waiting for him. You can check out more of his cool work at  


TANGAROA GLYPHS is a FREE TIKI FONT containing Hawaiian petroglyphs, Polynesian tiki god icons, and other symbols of the Pacific islands. Use its many pictures, icons and symbols to add a touch of South Seas magic to your creative layouts.

There is no cost for a Single-User, Non-Commercial License for the TrueType versions of this font. A Commercial License is available for those who wish to use the font in products and materials for distribution.

This typeface is an original design created and digitized by David Occhino. Released in May 2009.

  • 94 glyphs:
    • 13 Tiki icons
    • 13 Polynesian border elements
    • 26 designs inspired by the art of Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji and New Guinea
    • 22 Hawaiian petroglyphs and plants
    • 20 ornaments and dingbats
  • keystroke map showing glyph positions
  • Free Download

    Download the Tangaroa Glyphs free TrueType font software software for your computer. The free version of this tiki font includes a Single User, Non-Commercial License for Personal and Internal Business Use. For commercial use, please contact David Occhino Design for details on obtaining the proper license. The font software cannot be distributed and is for your personal.

    Windows TrueType | Macintosh TrueType


The OpenType, Windows PostScript and Macintosh PostScript versions of Tangaroa Glyphs are included as part of the Tangaroa font family. Visit the Tangaroa font page for additional information.

©2009 David Occhino Design | Website Terms of Use |  

A Great Recommendation from a Client that hosted a big event @tikisgrill - Mahalo to @agathongroup

Alan Ritari of the Agathon Group hosted the Aloha on Rails Official Pau Hana Party. After the event he posted a great recommendation on for me and Tiki's Grill & Bar.
"Michael and the entire Tiki's Grill team went above and beyond with their service, working closely with us to determine our needs, brainstorm ideas, offer bang for the buck, and then execute with warm aloha."
"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value" -- Alan Ritari -CEO, Agathon Group

The Agathon Group, a leader in cloud and grid hosting, with a technology studio specializing in cloud hosting and custom software solutions. They focus their deep knowledge and experience on solving their customers problems, so that they can focus on pursuing their vision. They international, secure, and and scalable hosting.


New Page - Page 5 Drink Menu Favorites - the Ultimate Malibu - Mai Tai

Come in and try our new drink!

the Ultimate Malibu - Mai Tai
Served in our signature take-home coconut souvenir cup. Our classic
Mai Tai with your choice of one of our Malibu Flavors added to it.

Choose from: Malibu Island Melon, Passion Fruit or Original Coconut.


Tiki''s Grill & Bar  Page 5 Drink Menu                                                                                                                         </object>   

Our Menu @tikisgrill for #thegoodtable to Benefit @LanakilaPacific


Here's How it Works

At exactly 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 22, over 50 restaurants across Oahu will serve special feasts for an exclusive table in their establishments. Wait till you see the menus they have come up with!

This is Oahu's first synchronized dining event.  We will all sit down for to dinner, at the same time, for Lanakila Meals on Wheels.  Proceeds will provide much needed funding to deliver more meals to kupuna who need our help.

Please join us if you can.  And help us turn one great meal into many.

How it works:   

  • Select a Restaurant Category:   There are six categories of tables to choose from (Please have a look at the table to the left, and click on them for overviews of each category).  Each category offers a different dining atmosphere for you to choose, from very fine dining to family style.  
  • Why Category and Not Restaurant?  The fun of this event is that every table purchased for a category will be added to a pool of other entries for that same category.  A random drawing will be held on October 9th, and you will be notified by October 12 of your restaurant pairing!
  • Prices are Per Table.  Of six or four, depending on your category.
  • To Choose A Restaurant - for a limited time, you may also sponsor a table outright at a higher donation. Simply click on your desired Category and choose the Buy Now feature. 
  • Purchase table ticketson this website or use the downloadable form and fax or mail it in to our office.
  • Please book early to reserve your spot, as tables are limited in number.  Sales close when sold out or on October 8.
  • Welcome Packet will be sent out to you the week of October 12.  This packet will include: notification of your restaurant pairing, your table tickets, instructions, information on your restaurant, as well as detailed information on how you may also participate in the event's website sharing feature.
  • Details:  Table purchases are for chef designed meals described on this website and on the tickets you will be receiving.  Purchase does not cover any other items, including beverages, parking, valet, or gratuity.
  • Note on Gratuity: The fabric of this event is held together by the spirit of generosity. Please be aware of this and make it a point to tip accordingly.  
  • For updates and news:  Please follow, subscribe, or bookmark our newsfeed Inside The Good Table.

The Good Table: The Web as a Dimension of Sharing

     And because we live in Hawaii, where everything ono invites in the elements of sharing and fun, we've come up with a plan:

     We will be providing a space here on the website for all of us to connect as we all sit down at 6:00 p.m. at tables across Oahu.   Connect?  Yes, we will be asking everyone to email, tweet, or text us images of your special feast so we can share it all via the wonderful web. 

     So, instead of hundreds of rubber slippers outside the door, we will have hundreds of tweets, pics, and texts from all of us to enjoy.

     This has never been done before.  All of us together will be creating an unprecedented, simultaneous, dining event.  This is about finding new ways to come together.

Why The Good Table?

     Proceeds will help Lanakila Meals on Wheels provide more meals for more seniors – so everyone who is participating, from restaurants to corporate supporters to diners, will be literally turning every meal prepared and enjoyed, into many. 

     Our goal is to raise awareness and $250,000 through this event and Lanakila Social Enterprisesto ensure that we can continue meal service for every senior currently in the program and to bring more than 100 seniors off the waiting list this year.

Because food is life.

      We live in the world's wealthiest nation, yet, so many of our kupuna are going to sleep hungry.  They are a strong, proud generation.  Often this means that many are suffering in silence. 

     There are hundreds of kupuna on our waiting list to receive meals.  They are waiting because of funding shortfalls, a weakened economy, and because we live in one of the fastest growing senior populations in the nation. 

     It is a heart breaking problem.  But one that we can solve with your support.  We hope that The Good Table becomes more than just an event.  We hope that it becomes a movement that brings us all together, as a community.  A community that takes care of each other, especially our kupuna. 

     You are invited to join us to not only raise funds, but to build a movement to ensure that no kupuna goes hungry in Hawaii. Learn more about the senior hunger crisis.

Dennis Mathewson dropped in for lunch @tikisgrill. Cool Dude~Check his Art out

Dennis Mathewson! Mathewson has gained worldwide fame and is known as one of the top airbrush, pin striping and custom painter’s world wide. Add his automobile artistry, with his vibrant colors and his passion for tikis; you get art that will captivate and blow you mind!

Dennis is truly one of the pioneers of Custom painting and airbrushing. As a naturally artistic kid, back in the 70's he started out with his first airbrush. After a few years he went to work airbrushing shirts at the Rat's Hole for the late Karl Smith, founder of the famous Rat's Hole Chopper Show in Daytona Beach Florida. After leaving the "Rat Pack" Dennis opened up his own shop and continued airbrushing as well as becoming very adept with the spray gun and applying custom finishes. From bare metal surfaces right up to gold leaf application, pin striping and brush lettering, Dennis Mathewson is a certified PPG MASTER Painter. Over the years, having fine tuned his natural artistic abilities and multifaceted talents to ”create more than imitate”. He has gained fame worldwide for his unique island inspired artwork style, knowledge and vibrant use of color and highly desired custom mixed colors which led him to design a complete signature series line of paint called, “Hawaiian Hues” manufactured by The ALSA Corp.

Dennis has also been a master instructor for over 20 years, sharing his knowledge of airbrushing and custom painting, filling classes and workshops with students eager to learn and be inspired by Dennis.

He has held private airbrush and custom painting workshops and has toured and taught for Aset Iwata in the U.S. and in Japan at the Iwata factory in Yokohama as well as the ALSA corporation traveling workshops worldwide. Making numerous appearances at shows and events globally and keeping up on the latest trends and custom finishes in the industry. When he is not traveling or painting his brains out at his busy Cosmic Airbrush shop in Honolulu, he is writing monthly articles and informative step by stories of his work that are published in magazines like; Auto Art, AutoGraphics, Airbrush Action, AB magazine, P&K graphics Airbrush Art & Action (Europe) and locally in Hawaii, Hawaiian Choppers Magazine.

As the founder and CEO of Cosmic Airbrush, he and his talented staff keep their hands full of constant work. You will see Dennis working long hours to keep up with the workload and to keep things running smoothly, but in this spare time, if there is any, he will make time for his family and carving tikis at his carving station he has set up at home. Nothing makes him happier than to knock out a 4 foot tall tiki on a Sunday afternoon.


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