Come enjoy lunch after Saturday's Aloha Festivals Floral Parade @tikisgrill

Annual Aloha Festivals Floral Parade
Saturday, September 26, 2009, 9:00 am

Kalakaua Ave, Ala Moana Park to Kapiolani Park
A colorful equestrian procession of female and male pā'ū riders, extravagant floats with cascades of Hawaiian flowers, hula hālau and marching bands will brighten Kalākaua Avenue from Ala Moana Park to Kapi'olani Park. This “must see” event will pay homage to the art of hula. Contact (808) 391-8714 or

HONOLULU’S 63 year-old Aloha Festivals is the oldest and largest Hawaiian cultural statewide celebration in the United States. What is known today as Aloha Festivals was created in 1946, as Aloha Week - a cultural celebration of Hawai'i’s music, dance and history intended to perpetuate our unique traditions. A group of former Jaycees - known as the Jaycees Old-timers of Hawai'i - had the vision to create a public celebration to honor Hawai'i’s cosmopolitan heritage, yet created a celebration which has itself become a state-wide tradition.

Aloha Week became Aloha Festivals in 1991. Aloha Festivals has become a celebration of our Hawaiian culture. Integrated into the culture are many island traditions and customs of each of the Hawaiian islands. Thousands of volunteers labor together each year to stage the events, which are attended statewide by nearly a million people – it is a festival truly of the people of Hawai'i by the people of Hawai'i. The festivals are funded through the sale of Aloha Festivals ribbons and merchandise, and via corporate and private donations. As a 501©3 corporation, donations are tax deductible and welcomed. More at


Vacation Like a Rock Star - Stacey Blades from L.A. Guns spotted @tikisgrill

Stacey Blades was spotted hanging out with the staff at Tiki's Grill & Bar. I hope someone invited him to open Mic Night on Wednesday!

Stacey Blades (born in Calgary, Alberta) is a guitarist who has played in various bands including Fraidy Katt, Roxx Gang, Mojo Gurus, Supercool, Smack, L.A. Guns, and 100 Proof. He has played on the L.A. Guns albums Rips the Covers Off, Tales from the Strip, and Loud and Dangerous: Live from Hollywood. He reportedly sings lead vocals on the song "Nothing Better To Do", when the band performs it live.

L.A. Guns are an American glam metal band whose music is frequently associated with the L.A. glam metal scene which grew up around the Sunset Strip in the 1980s, in particular the sleaze rock subgenre. Guns N' Roses, which once featured three of the original L.A. Guns members, was the most prominent exponent of this subgenre, generally preferring an anti-social image to elaborate make-up and costumes. Today two bands share and tour using the L.A. Guns name: One is headed by Tracii Guns, the founder of the original band, and the other is headed by Phil Lewis and Steve Riley, the singer and drummer of the most successful incarnation of the band.

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‘Auamo, an ‘Āina Dedication and Celebration is a gathering to commemorate MA‘O Organic Farm’s stewardship of 11-acres. No Panic, Go Organic!

‘Auamo, an ‘Āina Dedication and Celebration was held to commemorate MA‘O Organic Farm’s stewardship of 11-acres on Thursday, September 17, 2009.

Chef Kapolanialaimaka Kealoha and Tiki's Grill & Bar are very proud to be a small part of a huge movement.   Great food and wonder community.  It was a great hear Gary Maunakea-Forth, the Managing Director thank us for being a Co-Producer in the "Local Community Food Movement."

This is movement of community sustainable, organic farming in perpetuity for future generations of the Wai‘anae moku. With committed support from the Trust for Public Land, the State of Hawai‘i Legacy Land Conservation Program, and the Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Fund of the Hawai‘i Community  Foundation, MA‘O and its ‘āina based community non-profit umbrella, the Wai‘anae Community Re-Development Corporation (WCRC),

Guests who wanted to bring ho`okupu were are asked to bring three things that are representative of the community/place they come from, that tells something about their unique traditions and customs of their family or community and that will imbue and reflect the characteristics of the person giving the gift.  Pono intention is the essential focus of the mana or energy that each of these items represent.

WATER or WAI, from a nearby stream, river, or `auwai to represent the basic element essential to sustaining all living things.  Wai is rooted in many diverse and important words and thoughts like waiwai which means wealth,  pu`uwai which means heart and even kanawai which means law.  Wai is fundamental and so it is relevant in all aspects of our lives, the social, cultural, economic, spiritual and even the economic levels.

POHAKU or STONE, from your `aina (about the size of a baseball) to represent  the mana`o that all `aina is connected as one, but recognizing that each specific place has an ano and character unique to each place.   Pohaku are an important resource to the Hawaiian people providing an abundance of raw material for house foundations, walled gardens, fishponds, and tools.  There is an amazing spirituality housed within each pohaku.

LA`AU or PLANTS/VEGETATION, from your `aina, also represents connection between the material culture and the spiritual culture of the Hawaiian people.  One leaf from your la`au or plant, will be woven into lei specially created to put into the ahu at the end of the ceremony to show the innate and unbreakable bond that people have to our `aina and our cultural language, traditions, and practice.

Join MA`O organic farmers, chefs, youth interns, and foodies everywhere and become active in the MA`O movement!

Buy MA`O—support local farmer’s markets;

Eat MA’O—support farm-to-table restaurants (easy, right!);

• Come to Community G.I.V.E. Days, last Saturday of every month;

• Volunteer your valuable time to events;

• Support  fundraisers, e-mail to be on the fundraiser list; and/or,

• Send a youth to college—make a tax deductible donation.

Farm sales currently support 40% of our entire budget, this is equal to the support received from grants!  Private donations and fundraisers support the remaining financial needs of the organization.  

-- Most of the text of this post came from the invitation of the event.

We brought one dish of Stir Fry Shirmp, Tofu and Watercress for 200 guest, a few other restaurants also prepared dishes as well.




Photos Shot by Michael and Rob of The Thunderbirds, the internationally-famous Air Force precision flight team.
The Thunderbirds, the internationally-famous Air Force precision flight team, performed their demonstration of more than 40 aerial maneuvers over Honolulu Airport.
Pro Photographer Eugene Hopkins loaned and setup all the gear. He then then coached us on how to shoot will a huge zoom lens and track and shoot very fast planes.
We shot 311 photo and then narrowed it down to the 12 shots bellow.