The Pulse celebrated Spring Break at Tiki’s Bar & Grill

Weekly we host a event called Taco Tiki Tuesday.  The Honolulu Pulse teamed up with us to host a Special Pulse Edtion of Taco Tuesday on March 22, 2011.  Prizes were given out throughout the night and patrons enjoyed $2 Tacos and $3 Pulse drink specials. 

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Drink specail and samples of Cruzan Rum and Skyy Vodka were enjoyed by all.  
UnNatural features members of Natural Vibrations performing all the Natural Vibe classics. We have Live Music 7 days a week check out monthly band calender. PHOTO BY JAMM AQUINO /
Prize were given away from Kona Longboard, Consolidated Theatre, Local Motion, Rainbowtique.
The event was MCed by Maleko. His cavalier attitude with a touch of aloha, and love for
music added to the enery and fun of the night.


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Launch Party - Video of "SEVEN TIKI Spiced Rum" premium Fijian rum brand.

From the South Pacific comes SEVEN TIKI Spiced Rum, a Fijian rum with
outstanding flavor and smoothness derived from superior ingredients:
molasses from fine Polynesian sugar cane, sun baked Indonesian nutmeg,
Madagascar vanilla beans and virgin water drawn from deep beneath the
Fiji’s volcanic highlands.

It is now available at Tiki's Grill & Bar and a few other cool places.

The result is a 35 percent alcohol by volume (70 proof) rum that is
remarkably smooth with the robust flavor of fresh sugar cane,
Polynesian fruit, coffee and hints of cherry and chocolate accompanied
by an aroma of vanilla and light creme caramel with a medium-bodied,
well-rounded mouth feel.

Photos from the event

The craft and spirit behind SEVEN TIKI is rooted in the tradition and
adventure of South Pacific legend, which tells of Polynesian
navigators, known as The Great Fleet, who set out from their homeland
of Hawaiki in search of the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa.
These brave navigators carved a ‘Tiki’ into the helm of each of seven
outrigger canoes (or wakas) so “it should always cast a shadow to the
East or West and keep the voyage true.” These Tikis represented seven
skills and qualities they would need to complete their journey across
the open sea. SEVEN TIKI is crafted in honor of these legendary gods
and intrepid navigators.

Brian wins the Gold Medal in Tiki's First Olympic Gold Competition! -Please imagine the National Anthem playing in the background.

The competition was tough with our three leaders coming in for both lunch and dinner yesterday. The competition was not without controversy. Tiki's Server Trainer said on Saturday that she didn't know that ribs totals were "cumulative" even though it was stated on all promotional material and announcements to staff! There was also a dispute on rib plates taken to "the cheerleaders" table, and a flag for improper eating techniques at the leader's table. Judges were called to review tapes and then had to consult counsel and higher authorities, but when it was all said and done - 4 ribs separated the winner from his closest competitor.

Olympic Rib Contest Final Results:
Gold Medal - 146 Ribs - Brian Frulands
Silver Medal - 142 Ribs - Alex DeAngelis
Bronze Medal - 141 Ribs - David Gilles

Brian has earned a trip for two to Las Vegas including airfare and hotel! Because all three men were so valiant and respectful during the competition, we've decided to offer all contestants who ate more than 100 ribs, a Tiki's Gift Card equal in dollars to the amount of ribs they ate!

Tiki's would also like to thank all of the contestants who participated and all of their who were their to cheer them on. We had a great time and are looking for ways to do it again soon.

Because the ribs are so popular, we're considering doing an all you can eat special every week...stay tuned!