Alexander Valley Vineyards Wine Dinner Party - Tiki's

Alexander Valley Vineyards Wine Dinner Party - Tiki's

Tuesday Feb 5th 2013  6:00 PM ‘till 8:30 PM

Alexander Valley Vineyards - Winemaker Harry Wetzel, IV
Tiki’s Grill & Bar - Chef Ronnie Nasuti

Your evening will include a delectable five course menu by Executive Chef Ronnie Nasuti, each course paired with an award winning varietal from Alexander Valley Vineyards.

Each wine will be described as poured by third generation winemaker, Harry Wetzel, IV.

The evening’s menu with paired varietal follows:

2010 Estate Chardonnay

Amuse-bouche - porcelain spoons of Hau'ula tomato panna cotta

white balsamic candied tomatoes, bacon foam

2012 Gewürz

hawaiian opakapaka stew

tom yum consommé, Hamakua shimegi, squid ink capellini

2009 Estate Merlot

pan roasted quail “duckin”

foie gras & chicken stuffed quail, waimanalo arugula, merlot reduction


2010 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

macadamia nut fed wild boar pastelle

island plantains, gandule rice chip, merlot paint, olive powder

 2009 Temptation Zinfandel

big isle lamb duet

herb stuffed roulade, tatsoi purée, confit lamb & taro hash cake, poha zin jam


Okinawan sweet potato ice cream, Kona coffee tapioca


***Seating for this event is extremely limited and will sell out quickly.***

***No tickets will be available at the door.***

Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred.




Beam Inc.’s Holiday industry appreciation party

What: Beam Inc., maker of the world’s #1 bourbon whiskey and one of the world’s leading spirits companies, celebrates 218 years of a proud family heritage with a thank-you to Hawaii’s beverage industry professionals for supporting their brands!
Where: Tiki’s Grill & Bar
When: Wednesday, November 28 
 More Photos at:

 Dress to impress for the red carpet and rub shoulders with VIPs and your favorite representatives from the bar, club and liquor industries at this special industry appreciation party. 

Upon entry,

 guests will get a wristband with four different tabs that they can redeem at each of the four drink bars: The Pinnacle Vodka bar, Sauza Tequila bar, Cruzan Rum bar and the main bar, stocked to the brim with Beam Inc. products. 

Don’t forget to take a tour at the Whiskies of the World tasting table.

Lve music and entertainment to keep the night rocking. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to participate in the Spirits Throwdown game? Guests will be challenged to identify different Jim Beam spirits just by smelling them. Whoever gets the most right will be entered in a raffle for the grand prize, a Jim Beam surfboard! As the night comes to an end, parting gifts will be handed out to all the guests. Come as a friend, leave as family! 

Give away a 10’ Cruzan Paddleboard. Free valet parking for three hours will be provided. This event is open to those 21 and older. 

Team Primo Top Finishers in the Molokaʻi Hoe celebrates at Tikis!

Last weekend’s annual Molokai Hoe was held in some of the worst and more grueling conditions that the race has ever seen. In 5-10 knot south-west winds, over 100 canoe crews battled across the Molokai Channel. The Molokai Channel usually notorious for its strong winds and massive ocean swells, proved other wise as crews navigated the flat and arid conditions.

The world championships of outrigger canoe racing begins on Molokai at Hale O Lono Harbor on October 7th and ends over 40 miles later in Waikiki.

When it was pau, Team Primo hosted a dinner in the ocean room & lanai at Tiki's Grill & Bar. The private buffet menu included:    

Island Taro Rolls, Tender Baby Nalo Greens Salad, Steamed White Rice, Garlic & Herb Butter Sauteed Vegetables, Macadamia Nut Island Mahimahi, Teriyaki Chicken Breast Sweet Soy Ginger Sauce, Guava Glazed BBQ Ribs Ono Spice Rubbed Pork Ribs, Mango Coconut Cake and of course Primo Beer.

Team Primo featured a veteran mix of paddlers from Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. While it competes under the flag of Maui's Wailea Canoe Club, the team is sponsored by Primo beer. Those on the crew are Jimmy Austin, Mike Judd, Felipe Gomes, Kai Bartlett, Kekoa Cramer, Kaihe Chong, Will Reichenstein, Mael Carey and Jacob Abeytia.

“The Molokaʻi Hoe has become one of the longest running annual team sporting events in Hawaiʻi, second only to football. The Molokaʻi Hoe perpetuates one of Hawaii’s and Polynesia’s most important and historic cultural traditions, while honoring outrigger canoe paddlers around the world. The Molokaʻi Hoe tests the limits of physical and mental strength and endurance, courage determination and teamwork, and paddlers must also battle nature’s most extreme elements.”-Molokai Hoe Website

Team Primo Training for the race.

Team Primo still holds the record for fastest time posted by a crew from Hawaii (4:42:59), which it set last year. The crew finished fifth overall after crossing the line second, fifth and third in the 2009, 2010 and 2011 editions of the Molokai Hoe.

The Final Results 2012 are as follows:

1     76     SHELL VA’A-1     OPEN GLASS     TAHITI     5:15:49
2     59     EDT VA’A     OPEN GLASS     TAHITI     5:16:50
3     65     SHELL VA’A-2     OPEN GLASS     TAHITI     5:33:42
5     94     WAILEA-TEAM PRIMO     OPEN GLASS     MAUI     5:39:34
6     77     TEAM TAHA’A NUI     OPEN GLASS     TAHITI     5:42:12
7     4     LANIKAI-1     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     5:43:24
8     56     404 SIMPLE MOBILE-1     OPEN GLASS     CA     5:43:57
9     60     TEAM TAHITIAN OHANA     MASTERS 40+     TAHITI     5:46:16
10     38     OUTRIGGER-2     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     5:53:55
11     53     MOOLOOLABA OUTRIGGER     MASTERS 50+     AUS     5:55:03
12     46     HUI LANAKILA-1     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     5:55:17
13     67     HANALEI     OPEN GLASS     KAUAI     5:59:00
14     24     LANIKAI-2     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     5:59:33
15     104     MANU O KE KAI     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:01:07
16     95     WA’AKAPAEMUA     OPEN GLASS     MOLOKAI     6:02:30
17     7     KEAHIAKAHOE     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:03:00
18     57     KAI OPUA-1     MASTERS 40+     BIG ISLAND     6:03:34
19     3     KAILUA-1     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:04:22
20     1     HEALANI     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:06:06
21     79     HUI NALU-BLACK     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:06:22
22     47     WAIKIKI BEACH BOYS-1     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:07:41
23     37     PUUWAI CANOE CLUB     OPEN GLASS     KAUAI     6:08:28
24     55     NAMOLOKAMA O HANALEI     OPEN GLASS     KAUAI     6:08:52
25     23     KAILUA-3     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:08:54
26     75     404 SIMPLE MOBILE-2     OPEN GLASS     CA     6:12:05
27     5     LEEWARD KAI     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:12:53
28     32     HAWAIIAN-1     OPEN GLASS     MAUI     6:13:46
29     88     OUTRIGGER-3     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:14:34
30     70     TE AWAHAKU     OPEN GLASS     NZ     6:15:53
31     90     KIHEI     OPEN GLASS     MAUI     6:19:34
32     102     NA KAI EWALU-1     OPEN GLASS     MAUI     6:20:56
33     66     PACIFIC NORTHWEST     OPEN GLASS     CA     6:22:49
34     83     KAILUA-55     MASTERS 55+     OAHU     6:24:31
35     78     LAE’ULA O KAI-RED     OPEN GLASS     MAUI     6:27:54
36     26     HUI LANAKILA-2     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:30:27
37     2     KIKAHA NORTHWEST # 1     OPEN GLASS     WA     6:30:42
38     68     HAWAIIAN-2     OPEN GLASS     MAUI     6:30:54
39     10     WAIMANALO     MASTERS 60+     OAHU     6:34:22
40     92     WAILEA-40     MASTERS 40+     MAUI     6:34:36
41     71     AVIRON BAYONNAIS     OPEN GLASS     FRANCE     6:34:42
42     85     KAI OPUA-50     MASTERS 50+     BIG ISLAND     6:35:53
43     97     CANADANUENUE +1KAA     MASTERS 60+     CAD     6:37:05
44     39     LANAKILA OUTRIGGER     OPEN GLASS     CA     6:37:09
45     27     KAMEHAMEHA HILO     OPEN GLASS     BIG ISLAND     6:37:14
46     21     HEALANI-2     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:38:45
47     62     KUKUIULA OUTRIGGER     MASTERS 40+     KAUAI     6:39:06
48     69     KANEOHE     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:39:31
49     35     LANIKAI-3     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:39:36
50     99     WAIKIKI SURF CLUB-40     MASTERS 40+     OAHU     6:39:54
51     8     OUTRIGGER-1     KOA     OAHU     6:40:13
52     91     TOHIVEA VA’A     OPEN GLASS     TAHITI     6:40:29
53     126     HUI LANAKILA-3     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:41:19
54     9     WAIKIKI SURF CLUB-1     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:42:53
55     43     KAILUA-50     MASTERS 50+     OAHU     6:42:58
56     41     IMUA ONE BLADE-2     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:44:07
57     89     SYDNEY OUTRIGGER     MASTERS 40+     AUS     6:44:18
58     96     NAC     OPEN GLASS     CA     6:44:51
59     87     OCEAN OUTRIGER JAPAN     OPEN GLASS     JPN     6:45:13
60     58     KAI OPUA-40     MASTERS 40+     BIG ISLAND     6:45:31
61     81     KAI OPUA-2     OPEN GLASS     BIG ISLAND     6:45:49
62     86     SAN DIEGO OUTRIGGER     OPEN GLASS     CA     6:46:58
63     101     ANUENUE-2     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:47:09
64     12     NAMOLOKAMA O HANALEI-2     MASTERS 50+     KAUAI     6:47:22
65     30     KAI ‘EHITU     OPEN GLASS     BIG ISLAND     6:48:44
66     61     CALIFORNIA GOLD 60+     MASTERS 60+     CA     6:49:23
67     17     KEAHIAKAHOE-55     MASTERS 55+     OAHU     6:50:21
68     74     LAE’ULA O KAI-GREEN     OPEN GLASS     MAUI     6:51:18
69     11     ANUENUE-1     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:51:56
70     33     KAILUA-2     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:52:11
71     20     NAMOLOKAMA O HANALEI-60     MASTERS 60+     KAUAI     6:52:13
72     48     WAIKIKI BEACH BOYS-2     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:52:36
73     31     HEALANI-3     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:54:13
74     42     KOA KAI     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:55:14
75     44     NA KAI EWALU-2     OPEN GLASS     MAUI     6:57:25
76     22     HUI NALU-GOLD     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     6:58:14
77     51     KAMAMALAHOE     MASTERS 55+     OAHU     6:59:39
78     6     WAIKIKI YACHT CLUB     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     7:01:21
79     36     HONOLULU PEARL-GOLD     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     7:01:30
80     29     NEW YORK OUTRIGGER     OPEN GLASS     NY     7:02:10
81     19     KIKAHA NORTHWEST # 2     OPEN GLASS     WA     7:05:27
82     49     WAIKIKI BEACH BOYS-3     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     7:07:04
83     82     NA KEIKI O KA MOI     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     7:07:25
84     28     NA KAI EWALU-40     MASTERS 40+     MAUI     7:10:27
85     72     NORTH SHORE     OPEN GLASS     OAHU     7:11:34

PHOTOS BY JOAH BULEY / Hot Hawaiian Nights’ at Tiki’s AMY 2012

Sep 8, 2012

More photos at

Mahalo to Amy Hanaialii for putting on a great show at Tiki's Grill & Bar. The show will be repeat on K5 The Home Team.

PHOTOS BY JOAH BULEY / Special to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser / Honolulu Pulse — at Tiki's Grill & Bar.

PHOTOS BY JOAH BULEY / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Amy Hanaiali’i was the featured performer during a live taping of “Hot Hawaiian Nights” at Tiki’s Grill &  Bar on Friday, Sept. 7. 2012

Surfrider Foundation Fundraiser @tikisgrill Mahalo Spy Optics

Mahalo to everyone that came out to support a great Surfrider Foundation Fundraiser at Tiki's Grill & Bar, in Waikiki. Two live bands, good grub, book signing with Stuart Holmes Coleman, drawings for SPY prizes every half hour, and a very stoked winner of an Alana Blanchard prize pack complete with Channel Islands surfboard and Sticky Bumps leash, wax and travel board bag.

Mahalo for the kokua by:

Big mahalo to Spy Optic for putting it together

Alana Blanchard is the No. 6 sexiest female in 2011 according to this month’s Men’s Health magazine, proving the beauty of Hawaii is hard to ignore. The hottest female surfer in the world is giving some cool stuff to the Surfrider Foundation Fundraiser.

All donations when to Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter.

MeTV Launch Party at Tikis Grill & Bar -Covered by Nonstop Honolulu

MeTV Launch Party Blog Post by By Diane Seo all photos and text are from her full blog post with more photos at

By Diane Seo


Hawaii’s newest TV station — MeTV Hawaii — celebrated its launch with a gathering Thursday evening at Tiki’s Grill & Bar

Hawaii’s newest TV station — MeTV Hawaii — celebrated its launch with a gathering Thursday evening at Tiki’s Grill & Bar. The KITV station officially launched on Monday on Oceanic Digital Cable 126 and over the air on 4.2. November 18, 2011

MeTV Launch Party

MeTV Hawaii is aiming for a retro-hip vibe that revisits what many consider Hawaii’s golden age of TV. The channel features classic TV shows from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, including “M*A*S*H,” “Cheers”, “Perry Mason,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” “The Twilight Zone,” “Batman,” the original “Star Trek,” “The Brady Bunch” and more. During commercial breaks, they’ll be classic local vignettes, sourced from KITV’s archives. For a full schedule, visit or go to MeTVHawaii on Facebook.

MeTV Launch Party

Guests at Thursday’s celebration, including KITV President Andrew Jackson and morning anchor Mahealani Richardson, enjoyed pupu and drinks, as well as a performance by the local funk and jazz band, Quadraphonix.

MeTV Launch Party

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Congratulations to the 2012 Hale Aina Award winners!

Each year, HONOLULU Magazine readers vote for their favorite restaurants in the Islands. Categories include Best New Restaurant, Best Service, Best Value, Best Wine Program, Little Restaurant You Love and many more. This was the 28th year for the award event to be held.

The winning restaurants were announced at a gala reception held November 6 at the Royal Hawaiian's Monarch Ballroom.

Tiki's Grill & Bar has won again with a:
Bronze Award of "Best Place to Take Visitors".

For the full listing of winners go to

Melissa Chang (@melissa808) was on hand with camera and tasting skills to cover the event.

Sailor Jerry Rum at Tiki's Grill & Bar

Sept 17 & 18th, 2011 -Show your tattoo at Tiki's Grill & Bar  and get 50 cents off each Sailor Jerry Rum Drink this weekend. If you feel it's unfair - go get a tattoo and we will give you 50 cents back.

Sailor Jerry was the father of old-school tattooing.  For 40 years, Sailor Jerry honed his craft on a canvas of military men in the rough Hotel Street district of Honolulu. This rum was created to keep his legacy alive.

Nose: Intense vanilla, dry buttery toffee and subtle cinnamon notes. Taste: Warm spices of cinnamon & nutmeg with rich vanilla. A long dry finish balanced with a subdued sweetness and a hint of burnt toffee Smoothness is the key to Sailor Jerry's versatility. Enjoy it how you like it — straight, mixed or in a cocktail.

If you really want a true classic tattoo, you'll have to go back in time and cross the Pacific. When your tramp steamer hits the port of Honolulu, jump ashore and head straight to Chinatown. Soon, you'll hit Hotel Street. You'll know you're there by the sudden progression of wide-eyed sailors, foul-mouthed roughnecks, and general mayhem. And there, tucked away on a steamy side street, you'll see the bright red neon glow of "Sailor Jerry's"-the tattoo shop that put ink on the fighting men of the Pacific for nearly 40 years.

Finishing his Naval stint in the late '20s, Collins decided to settle in the then "remote" island of Oahu, Hawaii. In some ways, his timing could not have been better (or worse, depending on who you ask!). This "last outpost" would soon become the stomping ground for over a million soldiers and sailors, all of whom were ready to live life to the fullest-usually contained within a 48-hour Honolulu shore leave.

Check out more info at
Respect his legacy. Drink Sailor Jerry responsibly. 
©2011 Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, 46% Alc./Vol. William Grant & Sons, New York, NY. 

Recipe: Grilled Hawaiian Fish, Luau Leaf Palu Sami, Confit of Saffron Scented Hauula Tomatoes

Visit the Made in Hawaii Festival this year, and be sure to see Ronnie Nasuti, of Tiki's Grill & Bar, cook the following dish during a live cooking demonstration.

Grilled Hawaiian Fish, Luau Leaf Palu Sami, Confit of Saffron Scented Hauula Tomatoes

Description: Palu Sami is a Samoan dish consisting of young luau leaves, coconut milk and onions baked or steamed until tender and custard-like. It sometimes has corned beef and can be eaten as a pupu or entree.

For 4 people:

  • Luau leaves (young/tender) 20 leaves
  • Onion (½ inch dice) ¾ c.
  • Coconut milk 3-4 c.
  • Hauula tomatoes (peeled, seeded & diced) 2
  • Shallots (sliced) ½ c.
  • Virgin olive oil as needed
  • Fresh local lemon as needed
  • Fresh local limes as needed
  • Hawaiian fish filets (7oz.) 4
  • Saffron threads 1 pinch
  • Salt and pepper to taste

For the Palu Sami:

1. Cut 4 squares of tin foil 12” square and lay them out.
2. Layer the leaves–large to small–5 pieces for each portion.
3. Bend foil into a bowl-like shape and fit luau leaves inside.
4. Divide diced onions into each luau foil bowl.
5. Add ¾ to 1 cup of coconut milk. (Amount of coconut milk could vary depending on the size of the leaves.)
6. Fold two opposite foil corners over each other in the middle. Take the other two opposite corners and twist together like a Hershey’s Kiss bundle in the middle.
7. Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes at 350 degrees F.

For the Tomato Confit:

1. Add the tomatoes, shallots and saffron in a non-reactive, ovenproof pan or casserole dish.
2. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and barely submerge with virgin olive oil.
3. Bake in the oven with the Paul Sami for 1 hour or until tomatoes lightly dehydrate in the oil. (There will be almost no bubbles in the pan.)

To complete the dish:

1. When the first two components are finished baking, remove from the oven and allow the Palu Sami to set.
2. Now grill your fish filets with a little bit of salt and pepper and some of the oil from the confit.
3. Unwrap Palu Sami and plate with fresh grilled fish and tomato confit.
4. Squeeze fresh lemon over fish and serve!